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Does firefox choke?

Asked by kfingerman (1012points) February 12th, 2009

I like firefox a lot, but it seems to end up spinning its wheels more often than Safari (i.e. Firefox acting like the internet’s slow, I open safari and its fine). Recently it’s started crashing. Is my firefox install screwy? I’m running on a macbook pro.

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Firefox does have memory issues that makes it unstable when run for a long long period of time or with a lot of tabs opening and closing. But usually shutting it down and restarting works fine to fix it.

Do you have a lot of plugins? That may be contributing to the problem.

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I’ve had a lot of issues with firefox, lately; and, I’ve never had these problems, before. I thought it was just me! It’s completely updated, I don’t keep a lot of open tabs, but lately, it just seems very unstable.

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You could try Google Chrome on Windows or Safari on Mac OS X? Otherwise, perhaps completely uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox may help.

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Firefox is working like magic with me, and I love it.
However, probably, like @richardhenry said, completely uninstalling FF and reinstalling it should be enough. Or, you could also look for help here.

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Maybe I am being unfair, but I think a lot of Firefox’s problems are Microsoft’s and Windows’ fault. They have a vested interest in it not working well.

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of course the question is how many of those nice little add-ons, and skins and download helpers and what have you are installed.

You can “bloat” Ff to an extent where just launching it take a whole minute.

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Don’t have too many plug-ins. I am running zotero (a research literature management tool) but don’t think it’s too intensive. I do run ff for a long time – opening and closing tabs – days on end. Maybe I’ll try restarting the software more often…

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I have switched to Google chrome and I love it. There are really only two things that I don’t like about it: a lot of add ons don’t work with it and you can’t personalize the tiles on your home screen (that I know of; if anyone knows how please let me know). It has only crashed twice in the whole time I’ve had it (since it was in beta). Firefox didn’t crash on me often but it did crash every once in a while.

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Google Chrome is like letting Google place a camera over your head :/

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