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After having a shit day and you feel like indulging (gorging), what is you food/beverage of choice?

Asked by Jude (32167points) February 12th, 2009
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Pizza and beer…usually Sam Adam’s.

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for me pancakes and gin and tonic with lime. but, never at the same time, obviously.

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Dozens of briny oysters and a bottle of crisp, acidic, minerally white wine.

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A baked potato smothered in cheese and butter and a tall glass of whole milk.

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For a really shit day, I’ll have brie, a baguette, strawberry preserves, and a nice wine. It makes me feel all fancy and superior to my troubles.

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(Then I usually have rather a lot of ice cream.)

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Pizza, calzone or a steak and cheese sandwich with everything on it plus a liter of soda.

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When I’ve had a shitty day, I usually don’t want to eat anything because my stomach is twisted in knots. So a good stiff drink does the trick! When I feel like having a drink, it’s either vodka and sierra mist or a whiskey and coke. Luckily I don’t have that many shitty days, so I haven’t had a drink in a very long time!!

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A chocolate milkshake and fries.

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Buffalo wings and a series of rum & cokes.

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Junk food FTW!!
any kind.

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@MrItty “a series of…” I love it!

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Champagne and chocolate chip ice cream

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Pasta. Or a bacon cheddar cheeseburger with the works and sweet potato fries from the gastropub down the block.

Carbs always figure heavily.

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pancakes = stress relief

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I’m with @scamp on this one. When I have a crappy day I usually don’t feel like eating anything. I like to come home and sleep or lay in my bed and watch some TV or something.

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a grilled steakburger with bleu cheese and grilled onions with fresh home-cut fries on the side.

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Anchor Steam!

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Doritos for me for sure. Pizza and beer also does the trick.

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Hot Wings and a Blue Moon from Malloys!

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Pie or a fruit tart. Preferably, something made by my wife that includes meyer lemons and/or marscapone. I’m spoiled.

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Digiorno’s deep dish pepperoni pizza (family size, of course). Root Beer. Jelly beans/Mike n Ikes/Skittles.

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A 40oz of Old E + Vicodin then some NyQuil.

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@johnpowell suicidal. but i like it.

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On the appropriate side: mac and cheese, gummy worms, root beer. On the not so appropriate side: Strongbow Hard Cider or if i’m feeling really like I need to let it all go Jose Cuervo Pineapple Tequila.

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@adreamofautumn me too…love mac and cheese. it is my weakness. As for pineapple tequilla, i’m not sure about that.

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@adreamofautumn – Hard cider is delicious <3

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@adreamofautumn – Holy crap! All that stuff together? Whew, how do you feel after all that?? :)

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I ditto, @aprilsimnel ‘s Pasta.

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Beer and pizza, in that order.

And then some more beer!

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@90s_kid – Aw! Have a bowl of fusilli. With extra fresh Parmesan!

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wine, wine and then more wine!

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a double order of fried dumplings with shrimp from my 2nd favorite Chinese place.

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I’m 75% Italian!

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Fried shrimp poboy

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