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What do your friends and family think of you spending time on Fluther?

Asked by Nimis (13255points) February 12th, 2009

Do they get why it appeals to you?
Or are they generally perplexed?

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They’re generally perplexed. But not nearly as perplexed as they are when I wear my Fluther shirt proudly :)

It’s rather difficult to explain a jelly wearing glasses on your chest.

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They love it. Both my brother and I tap whenever we can (different names, of course).

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they do not know of my addiction.

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My spouse is generally indulgent unless I am lingering over an answer I am composing when we are due to leave or do something else, in which case, he sometimes gets impatient.

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She hates the amount of time I spend on the computer but I don’t think she knows it’s an addiction… yet. Wouldn’t be the 1st time though.

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I read a lot of it to my husband, he thinks a lot of it is great. During the day, I’m working and fluthering – I am my own boss, so it’s not a huge deal during the day. When everyone is home, I take my breaks.

Like Marina, my husband only gets impatient when it’s interfering with a departure or a possible delay of a start of a movie we’re going to watch.

I’ve asked him to join, he’s still thinking it over. I think he might, though!

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My parents don’t think I do anything else on the computer besides reading the news and email, and doing my school work.

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My wife doesn’t understand yet that I need Fluther to live. It’s like protein for my brain or something. That might sound a little extreme but then again, maybe not. I love it here and that’s important. Nuff’ said.

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My wife knows how important it is for me, but I think she believes that as I get better, I won’t need it any more. I am working to leave fluther somewhat, and spend more time with her, and I’ve discovered that things don’t necessarily get totally out of hand over the course of an evening.

Once, I was away for a weekend, and there were maybe 60 questions in my queue. I felt awful, but I had to dump them. Not to mention the answers. Still, the world did not come to an end! That’s hopeful, don’t you think?

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My girlfriend thinks I am using the site to try and find girls. Or at least she says she does. I don’t think she really means it though.

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I show various questions to my boyfriend regularly. Sometimes he pens an answer for me to post (I never take credit—they are usually in religious related things that I wouldn’t want to wade into personally). He thinks of it as my version of the Penny-Arcade forum, where he spends much of his time. He doesn’t realize it is wayyyy better.

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Mrs. Harp is none too happy about it, but she grudgingly puts up with it…to a point. To her, you’re all just a bunch of strangers of course, and she probably feels shut out from this little social thing I’ve got going here (our social life is pretty lamentable). On the other hand, she would never allow herself the time for such a “frivolous” and self-indulgent pursuit as fluthering, so it’s a self-inflicted exclusion.

This is compounded by the fact that my son has taken after my flutherin’ ways. Now I’m worried that he spends too much time here, and the missus just can’t seem to roll her eyes fast enough these days.

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My parents don’t give a crap.
If I had enough friends, I’d tell ya about what they think ;).

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My husband thinks it is all nonsense and doesn’t understand why I enjoy it. I used to share questions and answers with him, but mostly he just rolled his eyes. On the other hand, he spends his downtime on the computerplaying solitaire. ‘Nuff said.

It certainly can function as a distancer in the relationship. I know when we come in from a long time out, I run to my computer first to check e-mail and Fluther.

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As many of you know, my husband (blondesjon) and I have easily become addicted to fluther. Our sons joke about us being on here so much. It has actually helped us to communicate better with one another. It also gives us various topics to discuss, besides the usual “so how was your day honey?”.

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I think my wife is happy that I’m being somewhat social.

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@ jonsblond – That’s nice. Too bad it doesn’t work that way for me and “bbjan”. My younger son does get a kick out my reports of increasing lurve, though. He thinks I’m the Queen of Fluther!

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How ‘bout you, Nimis?

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Perplexed. I share some of the questions or topics that arise, but for the most part, she’s not interested.

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@janbb lol If we would have known how addicting fluther was, we might have come up with different usernames. So many people get confused.
At least we don’t have the same avatar now.

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Oh! Who me? Kind of caught me off guard there, Harp.

Well, my SO definitely appreciates the gems that I share with him. Plus he often teases me that I’m probably the most curious person that he knows, so it does well to scratch that itch. He understands the why part of it. But on some days, he’s concerned about the how much part of it.

It’s not so bad when I’m more or less caught up with stuff. But when we’ve been gone for awhile, I’ll make a beeline to the computer to catch up. It’s almost a compulsion, so his reaction probably isn’t too far off.

I’m getting better though!

For some reason, I usually refrain from interrupting answering my own questions. Is that silly?

@daloon I felt awful, but I had to dump them.
Not to mention the answers.
Still, the world did not come to an end!

That’s how I felt the first time that happened too!

@Harp If your son is any indication, I’m going to
have to root for the rest of your family to join!

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[Duplicate—please remove!]

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@Nimis Well, answering it twice is a bit silly, yes ;)

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Funny guy.

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My 1 year anniversary of being a flutherite is coming up soon, so by now he knows it’s a moot point to complain!!

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My husband and I both play on our iPhones obsessively. We favor different sites. He says he learns alot when I share what I learn from my fluther friends.

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Yeah, my friends think I’m kinda weird. But then again, they’re all addicted to Gaia Online, so I get the last laugh.

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It’s my dirty little secret.

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My wife calls my computer ‘the other woman’ and this machine is my mistress. She doesn’t care what I do in my office, as long as I don’t interrupt her watching whatever televised dreck she is interested in at the moment.

Besides, I bought her a one carat diamond ring and a pair of half carat diamond earrings last year for her anniversary. I can do no wrong. Unlike other guys, I remember my anniversary date and she always gets something nice on that special day.

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My husband doesn’t quite understand the attraction, but he’s a bit of a computerphobe, too. He used to give me a gentle hard time about it, until he realized that I could easily do the same about the amount of time he spends playing X-Box or Playstation games! Really, I think his initial concern was the fact that I was communicating with – gasp – strangers maybe even male strangers! He’s over it now, and rather proud of me for becoming a mod :)

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What a coincidence, I’m a male stranger!

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ACK! <Runs away in terror!>

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ditto to gooch
my mother vaguely knows that i go on some website and talk to awesome people, but i don’t think she knows how often i’m on :p
and none of my friends know about it.

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What are friends?

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What are strangers?

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friends + strangers = jellies

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What are males?

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@janbb You’re probably to young to have experienced this, but in the days before email, people received a lot of males delivered directly to their houses by the Post Office.

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Really – can I sign up for that service or is it totally abolished? Can I sign up for only first class males or do I have to receive the junk males too?

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I think you can sign up. But you should ask for special delivery. Only special males come by special delivery! And they’re insured!

I don’t know what that means, but it sounds cool.

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Guess my husband might get a little suspicious if large, verbal “special deliveries” kept arriving for me. (Note to self – better not sign up.)

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Yeah, might not be such a good idea. If you did, you might find yourself at the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange and your husband walking out with someone else!

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Fluther is my dirty little secret.

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my hubby worries that I am going to run away with some flutherite. I guess he doesn’t realize how much I totally adore him!

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No one in my family knows. Some of my friends know but that’s because they’re on fluther too.

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Shhh they don’t know about it… Only My Gf knows about it… and she sometimes falls asleep reading what I’m typing and proofreads it for me… all for the lurve.

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My fiance thinks it is a great site for me. He picked it out, although sometimes he gets frustrated at how crazy some of the answers are on here by others.

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My family members who are at least somewhat aware that I use this site don’t seem to care all that much that I do. As for my friends, the ones who know don’t seem to mind that I use it. :)

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