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Does saying Okay on the phone constitute a contract?

Asked by susanc (16112points) February 12th, 2009

A salesperson offered to sell my stupid timeshare week for me.
I said I was interested, they asked for my credit card number, I changed my mind, and now they say No, we have you on tape accepting the contract. I haven’t signed anything.

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Verbal contracts do not hold up in court. In fact, you can even get out of signed contracts with a good enough lawyer. If the scammers say they recorded you saying yes, did they inform you the conversation would be recorded? If they did not they are violating the law and have nothing to hold against you. Don’t let them bully you.
If you are in serious doubt, call a lawyer.

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saying OK at the end of a any phone conversation confirms all that was spoken. i remember my grandmother—God bless her soul—would always just hang up after saying whatever she had to say. she’d say “good-bye, talk to you later” and click (end of conversation)

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There is a three-day buyer’s remorse law in some states for some kinds of purchases. You need to research that for your state.

Make them fax you the contract. Some contain cancellation provisions.

Go above the salesperson’ head. Ask to speak to a supervisor. Tell them you felt inordinately pressured.

Call the state attorney general’s office. They usually have a consumer affairs division and can perhaps advise you what to do.

I’m sorry that happened.

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They did tell me they were recording the conversation. But everyone records conversations “for quality assurance purposes”. They did NOT tell me the conversation constituted a contract. And I called them back one minute after the initial call telling them
not to put that charge put on my card till after I’d seen the contract.
The credit-card company says it’s thorny but they will stand behind me.

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Yeah I have to agree with your credit card company, You gave them a credit card number and you said okay. I dunno what the context of that okay was, but either way you certainly didn’t give them a def no as far as I can tell, until calling them immediately afterwords. It is “thorny” but you got room to wiggle I suppose.

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websearch: Oral Contract

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