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What are some nice arabic girl names?

Asked by love408 (147points) February 12th, 2009


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Amira (I think that it means princess), pronounced Ah-MEE-rah

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I’ve always liked Aishah

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Mona means noble one

Zahara means flower

Randa means desert tree

Safia (arabic version of Sophie?)

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@shockvalue – wow, um, no. i would never wear my hair like that. great sheets though : )

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Samira and Areej are favorites of mine.

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Amina is my favorite. It means honest and faithful and was the name of the prophet Mohammad’s mother.

It’s pronounced like ah-MEEN-ah.

Good luck!

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Abida – Worshipper
Afra – White
Alima – Wise
Almas – Diamond
Falak – Star
these are some…..why dn’t u go through Google there you can get more

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I have a female Muslim friend named Yasmin. I guess that it means jasmine? Edit: oops, I see that this is just another form of one of the names offered by the poster just before me.

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