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Why does my iPhone die overnight?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) October 9th, 2007

Until recently, I’d get a day and a half out of my iPhone before needing to charge it. Lately, I leave it off the charger overnight (with seemingly plenty of juice) and by morning it has powered down. Specifically, it either won’t respond to button mashing or it’ll “blip” the screen and then won’t respond. When I set it on the charger, it powers up as if it had been shut off (showing the Apple logo), but then when the “slide to unlock” screen comes up the battery shows a partial charge. What the dilly, yo?

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Although I’m not sure I’ve seen a similar issue with iPods – the batteries used can be defective such that they drain very quickly and/or don’t read as empty when they actually are.

Go to the Apple store and get a replacement from the Genius-izzle Bar. This should be covered under warranty. Sick!

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I noticed strangely enough that my battery
Wasn’t getting fully charged after being cradled all night; this may have to do with the Wi-Fi of it is set to scan for networks. Apparently if you’re in an area that has a lot of wireless networks the WiFi antenna is tasked with scanning and searching which makes the charging slow down dramatically. Also if your charging station is in an area with poor GSM reception then the GSM Radio is doing the same thing at night. Try putting it in the cradle then powering down or putting it in airplane mode and see if in the morning you have full charge. If no then your warranty should enable you to demand replacement or servicing at the apple store.

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Turns out it was the battery, which wasn’t holding a charge. They gave me a new one. Woohoo!

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I’m surprised, I guess I really am the only one who’s iPhone battery life is actually very close to what Steve said. I have more than a week if I don’t use it much. I have about half a week of regular usage (Calls and Internet), and about 2 days of high usage If I’m bored and use it as if it were a computer. It’s a pretty good battery.

Oh and did anyone else fully drain the battery completely when you got it then recharged if fully for 24 hours? Just wondering.

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