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What's a sophisticated sounding word for explaining something well?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) February 12th, 2009

I’m applying for an IT support job, and I need a word for my resume to sort of say, as a skill, I can explain things well, in a way people understand. But in less words.

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To the point

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Try using elucidate (v.).

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Does anyone else find this really ironic?

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Have we been had?

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Mm. I don’t want to use a word I don’t even know, :) as is the case with many of these suggestions. Perhaps articulate.

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Effective communicator?
Communicates accessibly?

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@90s_kid. Thank you, kind sir.

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tEh bEsT n tiNg.

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How about instead of “as a skill, I can explain things well, in a way people understand” just say “I’m good at explaining things.” That’s not so many words (though I wouldn’t say concise or succinct, haha, I jest of course).

I think “effective communicator” is one of the better ways of saying it.

@shockvalue Yeah, I find this very ironic. Rather amusing actually.

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“me talky good” – use this, it shows you’re a man of the people, but know how to handle yourself in a sticky situation.

make sure you leave cheeto stains on the resume too.

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Excels at communicating complex technical issues to general audiences (or non-technical audiences).

Sometimes fewer words are not better for resumes.

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@Monsoon; Before you choose the word, please learn the skill. Never make promises you can’t keep. You will be less apt to need fewer words, just better ones (sort of).

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Use a thesaurus if you want a word.

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And use a thesaurus if you want a synonym or antonym too.

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toomuchcoffee911esque (adj.)

That’ll get you places.

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Wow gail, that was a bit… mean.

I don’t think I need to know the word “erudite” to provide some one with exceptional IT support. For your information, I’m very good at IT support because I explain things in a way people can understand, not with as many big complicated words as possible. I spend all day trying to explain things to people that they don’t understand, and I do it well.

And obviously I used a thesaurus, I’m not an idiot. That didn’t provide results, because I was looking for a phrase I wanted to express with a single word. If you don’t have anything helpful to say, why answer?

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look up explain in the book

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I thought it was helpful to show the difference between the adverb “less” and the adjective “fewer.” I know that people tend to write in a relaxed way here sometimes, but you were telling us you could ’“explain things well” without doing it. Leave out “sort of”: and if you didn’t want words like “erudite,” you should have not asked for a list of one word synonyms. And last four words make a sentence fragment.

If you do an excellent job explaining IT details, say that.

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You said sophisticated in your question not simple and when you use a thesaurus you have to come up with a word not a phrase. You can do it.

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@steve, that is what I did, I just said I’m not an idiot. you should pay attention.

This is what came up,

1 a technician explained the procedure describe, give an explanation of, make clear, make intelligible, spell out, put into words; elucidate, expound, explicate, clarify, throw/shed light on; gloss, interpret. See note at clarify .

I didn’t like any of those.

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and I hate the abb. IT

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use a book instead of computer. Roget’s

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@gail, did you point out the difference between less and fewer? I missed that. So helpful. That’s what fluther is all about, right there.

And for your information, I got a very nice one word synonym: articulate.

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Where what?

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where did you find articulate?

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In Bluefreedom’s answer to this question.

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I even said so in an earlier post.

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good answer

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I wouldn’t put it on my resume.

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“You will be less apt to need fewer words, just better ones.” This was the second sentence in my first response. I thought that I would show and not tell.

Just keep the resumé clean and clear. And have someone edit for you. All of us need another pair of eyes when we write. Good luck.

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“I am capable of explaining highly technical issues in laymen’s terms.”

“Excellent communication skills, able to convey complex information in terms easily understood by non-technical end-users.”

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That sounds like a Languistic stuff.That need s a one word witch mean hall phrase to put in {en} ,right.{Developing].In talk try to avoid Common words.Yes, bether expresions.

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@monsoon; Just quote @pathfinder. The job will be yours.

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shockvalue – YES! Ironic, indeed!
monsoon, Try saying something more like “I can use a thesaurus with the best of them,” just don’t lie. Believe me, I have fallen into that trap a few times on a resume!

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I think the best phrase in English is “technical explicator.” I understand the French word “animateur” can have this connotation, although it has other more specific denotations.

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