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Fellow Flutherers: What Do You Do When the Question Barrel Is Empty?

Asked by marinelife (62266points) February 12th, 2009

You perused “Questions for You” and answered or passed on them as you cared to. You even went to the main page, but the question cupboard seemed bare. Do you:

Ask your own question?

Answer an iPhone question or the fifth “should I call him” question of the week?

Do you leave your computer and re-enter the real world?


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I don’t sit around waiting.

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just keep hitting reload….

also a useful time for the restroom.

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I should be reading a book right now.
But instead I surf over to facebook, a couple of news sites, WoW, email, work, DVR…

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I throw a temper tantrum and get snippy with people in old questions!! ha ha!!

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sometimes I will sit around and try to think of a question. But I don’t question many things that I can’t Google… at least, nothing that’s anything more than me just questioning the general stupidity of the world. Not exactly something Fluther can answer.

I generally Fluther at work, so, I pretty much just go back to work.

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Very seriously: Hit F5. I’m in Firefox, that refreshes the page. There are times that I have nothing to do, can’t really go anywhere, and have depleted the Internet I know. So I come here, do all I feel like, and hit F5 when I’m done.

These times are mostly on verrrrrrry slow days at work. Which get so slow my boss actually suggested I bring a book. But we have a filter on the ‘net that stops a lot of other browsing.

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I generally try to think of a question about the thing(s) I am supposed to be doing at the moment. don’t tell the real world I exist, it hasn’t found out yet

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I agree with @eponymoushipster for the restroom break. I am on more than one Fluther website, so you know, kinda take both websites. Usually, Fluther is the main one.

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- Come up with a question of my own
– Refresh my screen 3 times but only 3 times
– Look through all the obscure lurve I’ve ever received as opposed to the normal lurve
– Examine all of my ‘questions you are following’ and decide which ones to toss out
– Add new songs to my iTunes
– Continue knitting a sweater I’ve been working on since 1981 (just kidding)

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Wait two seconds and a new question pops up.

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I have never had that experiance. I am an empty barrel virgin. I usually have at least 2000 waiting in my barrel.

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@gooch: hope you are talking about fluther.

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Of course what else could I mean?

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I generally move on to my work! It’s usually a good cue to check email and see if updates are ready for me. I’m at the frustrating point of my projects, waiting on client responses and hoping to have them wrapped up by Monday! After I check on those things, I’ll check back..or knit, or clean. This week, though, it’s a chemo week. I’m generally sleeping, working or hanging out with the kids when they come home from school.

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I keep my visits scattered enough throughout the day in such a way that the barrel’s not empty.

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Write longer answers and you won’t run out so quick. Or read through the entire thread of like 52 answers before you offer your own.

Should worst come to worst, I try to ask a question. Some days, I’d ask more, but we’re limited to three a day. Do you think I could get special dispensation to ask more?

I always try to find a way to make my questions allow almost anyone to answer. I.e., they aren’t right or wrong questions, and they aren’t researchable. They require you to put on either your thinking or your memory cap, or both, in order to asnwer.

Usually they come from something I’ve read or thought about that day. If I’m really stuck, and I’m at home, I have a magazine that I can go to for idea. They ask a question every month, and readers write about an experience in their lives that relates to the question. ONly they limit themselves to a few words, for example:
the middle of nowhere
selling out
narrow escapes

it’s not hard to take these ideas and turn them into fluther questions that give people the space to remember.

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I was going to ask what others do when there were no questions of interest, (I almost said interesting questions but thought it might stare a whole mishagosh)

I go from for me to all, then I go back and erase all and start with a clean slate. You do get that guilt inducing question-Are you sure? Then the hurt, I guess you know best, Then they are gone and I am free to go back to grading papers with a clear conscience. Whew.

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I will do anything else I need to do online, coming back to check every few minutes (me, obsessed?). If it’s well and truly dead, I sign off and play a few games offline then hit the sack.

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