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How can I prank someone when they are planing to prank me?

Asked by roysters5 (64points) February 12th, 2009

Out of curiousity… somebody might be planing to prank me by at least duct taping my window from the outside, but on the chance that they open the window and get inside to prank my room, any fun pranky ideas to do in front of my window or such?
no worries, its all in good fun! :D

or do you have just any other sweet prank ideas for people, lockers, cars, houses, etc?

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Get a bunch of locks that you forget the combination to, but that are still opened. Put them around loops that belong to him, such as cutlery drawer, knapsack, belt loop, scissors, etc…

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if you know what night they plan on doing this, chill on the roof where its hard to see you with a bucket of something fun to dump on them. muhahahaha

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Just vanish from the scene the right moment and meet them later with all the innocence.

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