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What causes a complete lack of motivation? How do you deal with it?

Asked by Jude (32144points) February 13th, 2009
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chocolate eclairs ;(

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I find that when I feel like i’m not motivated it’s usually because I feel like i’m not challenged enough. If that’s the case, then i’d usually try to change that, either find a new job or set a new goal.

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Coming down with an illness
Need of a vacation

Just a few that come to mind.

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1: An asshole that we call Boss, Mr or Sir. How to heal the problem tell your boss to go to hell, when you get fired, that will be a good motivator to deal with lack of motivation.
2: Watch the “Secret”.
3: Set yourself a goal in life.
4: Find winners or motivated people not assholes and surround yourself with them.
5: Read self help books and watch Opera.

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Not getting credit for your work.
Doing the same task over and over – i.e. no variety in work
being overlooked for a promotion or praise and see it given to someone that isn’t good enough to tie your shoe lace for you.
Being micro-managed

How to get round it. Be the best. Be soo good at what you do that when it comes time for praise, promotions etc. You are automatically the first name that comes to mind. Take it as a challenge. Also if you are standout brilliant when a project goes well it’s more likely that people will believe your contribution is what made it great.

If that still fails you need to move job/company.

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I don’t like to suck up to people but kullervo hit the nail on it’s head.

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Lack of sufficient sleep.

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Lack of motivation due to no R&R so get some R&R

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Depression is notorious for causing this. Regaining your motivation may involve conquering or taming the depression, of which there are a few different tools that can help (therapy, meditation, prescribed drugs).

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This question is its own answer.

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for me, lack of motivation usually comes after trying seriously hard and doing well at something (even going the extra mile)... and no one cares. after a certain point without recognition or reward (a raise, etc.) i lose all motivation. this is pride i know, but i think we all “suffer” from this. we feel the – “what’s the point? i make the same amt. of money whether i go the extra mile or not.” this can be applied to anything i think.

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I am feeling not much motivation lately at work. I don’t like my boss particularly. He is controlling and micro-managing, makes subtle threats, all that fun stuff. If i were 20 i would have just quit. However, since i am a single mother and too old to just quit what could be a job i have until I retire, I am staying for the check. So how do I deal with it? 1. the check. 2.the stability 3.I try to make it work for me, for example utilizing going out in the field. 4. i like my coworkers, some who feel the same way 5.looking for other jobs within the same municipality helps me feel better.

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Here’s a story about motivation for you:
A child didn’t talk at age one. He didn’t talk at age two. He didn’t talk at age three. He did all the other things kids are supposed to do at those ages, and there was nothing wrong with his vocal cords, etc. But he still didn’t talk at age four. One day just after he turned five, he was eating breakfast. He looked at his ma and said, “You know, this oatmeal is kind of lumpy.” His mother gasped and said, “You’re talking!!” “Sure,” said the kid, “but what about the oatmeal?” “Why are you talking NOW?” asked his ma.
“Well,” said the kid, “until now, everything was fine.”

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Exhaustion, incompetence, depression.

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Man I wish I could help out with this topic but I can’t think of a time when I’ve ever been unmotivated.~
I guess when I’m sleeping. Does that count?

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I still think life is unfair and some how and perhaps lack of motivation could be your own fault as well.

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