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Who here knows about wine varieties?

Asked by Jack79 (11027points) February 13th, 2009

Looking at yield differences between CS337 CS169 and CS191, as well as M346, M347 and M181. Which has a better yield per root?

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Breedmitch is a somillier

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You also might want to try UC Davis Cooperative Extension or if you are a backyard grower try El Dorado County Master Gardeners.

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I have no clue what I’m asking, so I’m lost. My uncle who knows nothing about the internet and myself (who know nothing about growing these green planty things) are trying to figure out what clone is best to plant in order to end up with Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot wine. I don’t even drink wine, so you can guess how much I know about all this.

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If you go to the Wikipedia site for, say, Syrah you can usually get some of that information.

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Well, CS is probably cabernet sauvignon and M is merlot. Syrah is probably not mentioned in your original question. The numbers correspond to root stocks (I’m guessing), so they probably have different characteristics from each other. When it gets down to it, it probably depends a lot, too, on the site and soil where your uncle plans on planting. Again, I’d start with UC Davis/El Dorado. That’s the mecca for US grape and wine research.

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thanks everyone, we sort of found something :)

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The California Wine Institute. ( would be answer no. 1
Answer no. 2, A bottle shop where their ‘Premium Wines’ are laid flat to keep the cork wet
Answer no.3, tincansailorforever. Don’t ask a wine snob as they only purchase ‘Labels’ not the wine.

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Villa Punchini(spelling?). a red wine from Italy thats truly great. a real fruity grape taste thats long lasting. it has more alcohol than most wines, due to its fermintation process. we fell in love with this wine in Italy, while on vacation. we feel in love with lots of wine, while in Italy. use caution. this wine will give you a buzz really quick.

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