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I would love to pick up some more artwork similar to what I already have. What era would you describe this artwork as being from?

Asked by Jude (32162points) February 13th, 2009

If I were to look online, what would be a good thing to “google” when trying to find artwork like this?

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I don’t know, but I love it! Good luck :)

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“vintage photographs” or “vintage photography” may be a place to start, they won’t all have that spark but it might get you close…

Yours looks like it’s more done in that style than actually vintage but “vintage style photography” turns up some groups that do this sort of thing, I didn’t dig very far though.

Good luck with it.

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It’s reminds me of steampunk. You could check out some steampunk art/photography and see if you like any of that.

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This seems like it might fit in well with the one you posted. It was the first image under a google image search for “vintage photography”

Great photo though! I really like it. If you figure out where to find more like it, let me know!

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Would it be considered Avante Gard? (Not because I even know what that word means really, but because that’s the first word that came to mind when I saw the photo.)

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oh wow. i don’t know, but i really really like it. i’m going to be lurking this question for more answers haha.

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Here is some more artwork by the same artist as the photo above.

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That’s a kick-ass woman!

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I know, I love it!

I love this one, too. So pretty.

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Me, too. You have good taste!

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The last one was my favorite.

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