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What does the expression "having your s*** together" mean to you?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) February 13th, 2009
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Being organized, confident, and ready to go. Able to take care of things with no problem. No personal problems. No problems with anyone. Free and clear and able to do what you need to do.

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To me, having my shit together in general means knowing what you are doing, where you are going, or having some type of plan.

I use the phrase “get your shit together” in specific situations: if someone is not ready when they said they would be, if someone is really disorganized and it causes us to be late, etc. I only say this when I am personally affected by someone’s actions – I wouldn’t say this if I saw a coworker’s messy desk (unless the coworker was trying to find a very important document I asked them to work on, and they’re frantically looking around in their mounds o’ shit).

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Having a limited vocabulary.

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You’re an honest man.

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It means not falling apart mentally. No breakdowns, no crying, no stress.

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Got my keys, got my cellphone, remember where I’m supposed to be going.

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It means your are responsible.

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It means you are ready to take your act on the road, or that you are ready for prime time, or that you know what you are doing and where you are going. You are (not meaning to be sexist) “A man with a plan who is knowing where he’s going.”

In other words, what everyone else above me has said. You know where your keys, glasses and cell phone are (and the latter is fully charged), you aren’t crying or otherwise upset, your gas tank is full, you have exact change for the bus, you remember what you have to do and where you have to be and when you have to be there, your projects are completed on time, your bills are paid, your clothes are clean (and your socks match each other), you smell good, you ate breakfast, you took your meds, and all is right in your world.

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I think it means that you are able to deal with adversity and whatever life throws at you. Prepared for anything and everything, if you will.

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That phrase gets used by me when I am talking about getting ready for something or getting my life together.

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It means you plan in advance and leave nothing to chance.

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A good balance between responsibility and irresponsibility.

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Exactly the opposite of me :(

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be organised and think clearly

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It may mean to organize your life in general, or to organize one part of it. Work, relationships, house, cleanliness etc. The English language has a massive amount of relative/situational terms and phrases.Annoying to me sometimes how many.

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having all of your s*** together is like having it organized and knowing whats going on around you at any given time.

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It means having your Sh** together. Think of it literally. Would you like it together or sprayed all over the back of your toilet seat?

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It probably means different things to different people. I wish to me that it meant having my car keys, lipstick, and pepper spray in my bag. Or avoiding spraying the back of the toilet seat as so eloquently described by the answerer before me!

For me it means dealing with my “stuff” whether it is having an alcoholic father I need to hide in the cupboard from time to time, to managing my own illness which is bipolar II. To getting over a divorce to managing my career. So I would say I have my shit together 80% of the time. But I try not to be a shit inflictor as in pours it down the giving nuzzles of any hapless person who crosses my path. (Maybe I stay off the path to avoid this?). Or begging for help in various areas of my life that I as an adult should be able to manage on my own. Sounds like hard work!

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Being organized, focused on a goal in life, loving your family and having religion.

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Money. Keys. Speech.

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Responsible, dependable, mature.

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No panic attacks all day.

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