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Is there a good site to buy flowers that isn't outta the roof?

Asked by sethmedia (80points) February 13th, 2009

All these flower sites are so expensive! I just wanna send some vday flowers to my friend a few states away. Ne goo sites?

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They have all kinds of prices.

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@sethnmedia: Ne goo sounds like Chinese food

Define what is “expensive” in your budget. “Through the roof” for one person may not be so for another. Carnations are cheaper than long-stemmed roses. A flowering plant lasts longer and may be perhaps planted in the garden, come spring.

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If it is just a friend, can you wait a few weeks? Prices get strange this time of year—yes, there are promotions, but you also get some price inflation, I find.

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If you get them online it’s $50 up, but if it is for tomorrow stop at the grocery store on the way home. They will start to fade in the first 48 hours but 90% of the benefit comes in the first day until you do or say something thoughtless and she gets mad again.

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I’ve always bought from They have reasonable prices. :]

May2689's avatar try it its really cheap and cool

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How nice!

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Real Florists are usually the best way to go as you can deal with the actual people that stock the flowers and do the creating. Online services and brokers seem to deal with UPS delivery moreso than not, which can’t be a good alternative to fresh from a florists cooler unit, and many operate out of offices and call centers.
When we want things sent out we call the local shop here in Long Island that deals with only actual florists and can do our orders anywhere we need them sent.
The nice thing is that they are honest and concerned and always accommodating which seems to be rare these days. Prices do vary according to the market and seasons but they seem right on target and provide a really good and lasting product.
They don’t add on all sorts of extra charges and only charge for the delivery, which makes sense as no one can deliver for free anymore.
They are a small but internationally respected small business and we highly recommend them as they have done us right for 9 years. We prefer to deal with people like them anyway as they constantly reinvest in the local economy.
They are located in Manorville NY and are the only florist in that town of 11949.
Be careful though as many false listing come up in the searches. Verify that you are dealing with them before you order anything.

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Be careful when the website says, “free vase.” That does not mean the flowers come in a vase. It means the flowers come in a box and you arrange the flowers yourself in the free vase. Which doesn’t have a nice presentation, I don’t think.

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