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New member: Tell me about Fluther, please ?

Asked by Johnny_Rambo (888points) February 13th, 2009
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We don’t take too kindly to your type around here…

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you signed up and didn’t know what the site was about?

“you’ll have to pay the toll, if you want to get into the boy’s soul”...

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Don’t listen to TenaciousDenny. Play nice, read the guidelines and don’t waste anyone’s time and you’ll be lurved in no time.

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Awesome name. Fluther is pretty rad.

This is the shoddiest answer ever but I’m really hung over.

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@peedub: Your bear avatar is back! Fantastic!

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You ask. We answer. We ask. You answer. Answers may or may not actually be what you were looking for in any way.

And we’re friendly. Usually.

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Easy with the mortar fire, i’m a friendly. Just want to know what your experience has been.

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Good! We all love it here. :)
There are occasional spats between users but all in all we’re polite, caring, useful and fun. :)

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It’s like jelly; it warps and can get wobbly, but it’s always intriguing and entertaining (did I mention I’m easily amused?)

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It’s been fun, if you want an answer from another newbie.

And also, don’t worry about time for fluther. You will find it.

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So who is the trouble maker so I can sharpen up on my skills ?

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Friendlies are the way to go around here. You’re on the right track JR.

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Evasive skill, I mean.

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The moderators are great so mean people are pretty quickly weeded out. Differing opinions are welcome as long as they are respectful.

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Nice to know we have referees Judi.

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O.k. rambo, we are like a huge family here :D welcome

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fluther is my new drug and its like a home away from home while im at work.

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Welcome, rambo! It’s a pretty great place. Generally, just be respectful to others and remember you can search your subject, before you ask a question to see if it’s been asked before.

Have fun! :)

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Well then, welcome to the collective @Johnny_Rambo. You will be addicted to this site in no time! :D

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Fluther is a place full of great people, frizzers, pancakes, the coolest moderators anywhere, some pretty bitchin founders, a cyber rock star and apparently it is a front for the CIA! Who could ask for more?

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Se habla Espanol ?

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Que tal, Juan Ramboso?

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I think you got the idea Rambo man…those were some pretty fast questions

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Hey there, Johnny Rambo.
Welcome to Fluther!

Fluther is neat. But consider yourself forewarned—it can be rather addictive!
And what’s not to be addicted to like? Lots of colourful and knowledgeable personalities
to answer your technical questions and scratch your humour itch.

But if I had to sum it up in one word? Cozy!
Come stay awhile and see for yourself. =)

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Thanks Nimis and all, I will visit spiratically , but consistently , I hope. I prefer to ask interesting/intriguing questions and then offer commentary.

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@Johnny_Rambo, odds are good that sporadically will soon become constantly. As Nimis put it, Fluther can very easily become an addiction.

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@Johnny_Rambo: And don’t get freaked if we correct your grammar or spelling, we’re just trying to be helpful and none of us mean it to be an insult. ;)

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Ets . O kayy , Y’m beter in Spaneeesh.

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Welcome to the collective, Johnny_Rambo. It would be great if you provided a bit of detail in your profile when you get a chance.

See you in the Q & As.

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Hey! I said that a few posts ago!

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@asmonet, the cheers reference?! oops :p
i guess it must be a pretty accurate definition then, haha

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