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hu? I guess I’m not tech enough to get it.

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Cheesecake :D
Well just a bite. My geek friend has a piece.

I’ll be good on my diet, don’t worry

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@aprilsimnel A lil’ bit out of my price range.

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Last login: Fri Feb 13 15:21:30 on ttys000
john-powells-imac52:~ johnryanpowell$ say you are a nerd
john-powells-imac52:~ johnryanpowell$

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

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Last login: Fri Feb 13 15:23:57 on ttys000
john-powells-imac52:~ johnryanpowell$ say Allie is nerd
john-powells-imac52:~ johnryanpowell$

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We made it!

I think I burnt an eyebrow off.

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AC lies about his age XKCD

Hover your mouse over the comic

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that was some good cheesecake

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The insane party on amused me. Fireworks went off.

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I was watching that, all while doing everything else.

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Richard Henry is a link thief.

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He is more popular than you, so he can.


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Is there a “not so GA” button for Eric?

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I know you’re the best.

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I noticed Google is celebrating!

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I always miss all the good geek stuff!! damn!!

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I feel cheated, I want my leap seconds back :/

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Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1234567889.

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