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What are some words that sound really weird when repeated over and over?

Asked by Baloo72 (702points) February 13th, 2009

I just happened to be discussing this today and we decided that “school” and “fluther” always sound really weird when repeated over and over. I know that most words sound weird when repeated enough times. What are some words that sound weird within the first few repetitions?

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more weird is how people reading this are sitting here going down the list saying the word over and over to see how it sounds….

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Baloo, Baloo, Baloo, Baloo, Baloo, Baloo…...

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Starts sounding more like noise than a word.

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Two words together: Stop. Don’t.

And well, not really weird, but interesting in that change in emphasis alone changes the meaning altogether.

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Watermelon and bubblegum.

Also dentistry.

(Actually, I think any word repeated over and over becomes weird, but those are words I remember it happening with.)

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Seriously, any word does.

But here’s mine: joralemon and volkswagon.

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Antidisestablishmentarianism (yes, it’s a real word)

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Speed Limit.

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Tub. But then it doesn’t sound too dignified the first time around.

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Not a word, but phrase…. Oh wha tajer kie yam. Say this slowly at first, then repeat it a little faster each time. Practice this when a lot of people are around to hear you say it, and you will see many smiles!!

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@scamp oh you’re too funny. . .

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@scamp. It took me a few tries but I finally got it. Very cute. :o)

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Good one Scamp. =]
Spell IHOP (letter by letter) then add the suffix “ness” the the end. (Kidding.)

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Ha ha ha,, good one Allie!! Yours is best said with a southern accent, right??

I’m surprised people fell for mine, I thought it was old and well known, but i went for it anyway.

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Allie already got me with the IHOP joke. But it’s a really good one though. Everyone should try it. :o)

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Any word used repeatedly will stop sounding like a word – it’s called semantic satiation (also sometimes called verbal satiation). There’s also a neural process called verbal transformation the makes the word seem to vary within the repetition.

The human brain is a fascinating organ.

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Rural. For some reason, I always slur it. (even sober)

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ella, ella, ella…

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^^^^eh. eh. eh.

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hahahaha—that song makes me crazy…

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@bythebay me too, makes me want to smash one over the singers head.

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@chyna: I think her boyfriend just did that the other night?!

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Most words ending with “R” for some reason.
Any word stops sounding like a word after a while. Sometimes I can stop associating the sound with the meaning and then feel unsure if they’re even connected after a while.

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@bythebay OH, I didn’t realize that was who sang it. Now I almost feel bad for saying that. Almost.

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@chyna: I guess he got tired of that song, too. ;(

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@chyna: Sorry, that was pretty tactless.

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That is a shitty song. Agreed.

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I agree on the annoying nature of the song, but getting back to the question….

judicial system (two words, but still…if you say it too much you sound drunk cause you start to slur)
plop (actually…most onomatopoeia’s sound pretty funny if you keep saying them)

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This is actually a tongue twister, but it does sound funny:
toy boat

If I repeat a word often enough, I will not be able to spell it. Sometimes I start to doubt it was ever a word to begin with.

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I forgot!! Speaking of tongue twisters…..Irish Wristwatch – you actually have to really concentrate and THINK about it in order to even say it once, much less multiple times.

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Here’s another:
Unique New York

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Sheesheebugumba !

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@bythebay Do you have no shame? ;)

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90’s :-\

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@bythebay @chyna hahaha yall are funny I`m cracking up over here and bythebay beat me to saying he already did

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

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sympathy symptoms

I dare you to say it 5 times in a row without screwing up.

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