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What's the next 'thing' that will keep us busy at work?

Asked by Milladyret (1294points) February 13th, 2009

Facebook, Twitter, Fluther and all these fun and entertaining sites; What’s the next big thing just waiting to happen?

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If I knew do you think I’d tell you :p
I don’t think anyone but the companies buying / investing in these startups, or the startups themselves really know who’re going to make it.
You really don’t hear a lot about new technologies until they’re ready to go and in everyone’s faces. But that’s very broad.
Rather, I think is getting there, for a few reasons. Mainly that it’s the annoying part of Myspace (the bulletins) plus followers, aka friends, but harder to obtain, along with twitter integration they’re golden. As soon as they figure out how to monetize that hot shit :p

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No doubt. I read Fluther all day. Perhaps throw some TWiT and Digg in there.

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The virtual workplace. You will be able to sit at home and sit at your office desk at the same time. Or vice-versa. If you have to sit in a cubicle all day, you will be able to configure your virtual workspace so that it appears you are anywhere you wish to be – as long as it does not interfere with your productivity and connectivity with your co-workers.

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For me it’s Fluther, Facebook, and today about 100 dogs!!!

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Sustainability is the new quite… or pink; or green, or black…! What i mean to say is that first it was innovation then it was collaboration… now it is sustainability, and next it will be proper grammatically!

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Boy, when I need to keep busy at work, there’s usually more work to do.

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Well if you want to keep your job, probably work!!

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Uh, doing our jobs-everything old is new again.

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You could always go old school and read a book. Beats staring at a monitor all day.

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Your boss catching you.

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