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My iPod nano screen has turned white; is it gone for good?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) February 13th, 2009

My iPod nano screen recently started turning white when I start it up cold. I have to re-start about 10 times (center button + play) before the text comes back on. Does this mean it’s going to die soon?

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reset it using iTunes and call me in the morning.

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…What he said. Resetting it usually does the trick. If not, you’s effed.

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Reset holding menu and select button for a few seconds, if it doesn’t work restore it in itunes. If it still won’t show itself, go to an Apple Store or an Apple Premium Reseller and ask them to fix it if it’s under a year old. (Or depending on the laws in your country you might have more than 1 year reclamation rights, but remember the receipt)

If you can’t reset, restore or don’t have repair covered by warranty or laws you’re out of luck and will have to buy a new one or fix it yourself.

Good luck! :)

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Thanks guys! I reset it using iTunes, and it has been working (for the most part)!

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awesome. but you never called. :(

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haha….oops :) well if it makes you feel any better, it started acting up again, so I’m probably just gonna end up buying a new one!

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I’ve had the same problem, I tried the reset (slide hold button twice, then press menu and center buttons simultaneously). Also did the reset from itunes.
I had to do this a number of times.
Then I was getting a backwards display on the screen (yes, like hold it up to a mirror backwards)
I got into diagnostics mode (slide hold button twice, then press menu and center button. Before it fully resets switch to pressing left and center buttons)
in Diags, I did a flash scan and a sleep test. that appeared to reset mine back to working.
Makes no sense why, but it did do the trick

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