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Yes it’s bull shit and a thief.

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I don’t like it regardless of status (i.e. single, married, etc.) I just think you should show your love throughout the whole year and not specifically on a single day.

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I don’t think I ‘hate’ it, per se, but I’ve just never understood the hype over it and I’ve never really gone out of my way to actually celebrate it with any kind of fervor.

I like @MrMontpetit‘s rationale, above, of spreading out your love through the year and not concentrating it into one holiday.

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Why do you hate Valentine’s day?

Personally, I don’t love it or hate it. I like seeing people happy though, and when I went grocery shopping today, I saw a guy leave the store with a bouquet of red roses and such a excited smile on his face and that just made me happy for him and his S/O. Otoh, some of my friends get depressed on V-day if they don’t have someone special to spend it with and that’s no good either. I don’t see the reason to be on either extreme of the continuum.

This article might/might not address why you hate the day. Worth checking it out anyway, since it is funny!

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yes because I am always single and I am sick of hearing about my friends plans for said day… haha

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You only distress yourself when you hate Valentine’s Day. There’s no reason to hate it, with or without a significant other. Same as with any other “holiday.”

When I’m with someone, I do something special for them. I don’t buy something- I make something or do something. If I’m not with someone, I don’t sulk over being alone, it’s just another day as my dad would say.

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Valentines day is the perfect holiday for those who can find a reason to hate valentines day.

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right now i’m beginning to…my SO is still in bed, I’ve been up since 06.30 with my two year old and not even a hint of a cup of tea being made for me… lol

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I am looking forward to love it…..................

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Hallmark-sponsored quasi-holiday.

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Love it – and every other reason to celebrate anything fun. If you don’t have an SO, celebrate your friends, or your Mother or Sister. If you don’t like the holiday at all, ignore it. Get over your grouchy selves…you bunch of valentines grinches.

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Bythebay, I agree! It’s just a fun lil holiday. Single people should do stuff with their friends or even by themselves. Show yourself some love that you are too busy to show every day. Go get a massage, mani & pedi, go play golf , rent a movie and order a heart shape pizza. You could also go buy something for yourself that you’ve been wanting, you know why? BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!

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@babirurtle36 because i’m good enough, i’m smart enough and, gosh darned it, people like me! <wink>

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I love Valentine’s Day for exactly two reasons. 1. I love the color pink and it is everywhere this time of year. 2. I have a fascination with
those conversation hearts, I would probably decorate my whole house with them if I could.

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@eponymoushipster: See how good thinking positive makes you feel?

@Supermouse: For v-day my daughter gave me a candy-necklace, but it’s made out of conversation hearts!

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I ignore the marketing aspect as much as possible.

I can get into the spirit of letting people know they are important to me. I have sometimes gone and gotten those boxes of valentines that little kids take to school and given them to friends, relatives and co-workers.

Admit it: getting a valentine makes you smile.

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@eponymoushipster…There will never again be as beautiful and bluesy a voice as Quasi Holliday’s.

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thank you. i’ll be here all week and don’t forget to tip the waitstaff folks…

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I love it! It’s good for the economy and a time of love and candy! What’s not to love?

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I like it. I like holidays—I like having excuses to have fun. It doesn’t have to be a big production (we’re going to see Coraline in 3D and eat hot dogs), but it gives us an excuse to go do something silly and fun and dress up. And presents! He made me a mix CD and I have him two pints of ice cream. What can be better than a holiday that involves two pints of ice cream??

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I don’t hate Valentine’s Day! It just means that my birthday is tomorrow. It’s roses and chocolates today and champagne and birthday cake for the big 4–0 tom.!

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You’re gonna be my Valentine, so there. Oh, and I saw that questionable content comic that you said was us…. way true.

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LOt’s of pressure. You gotta get chocolates for the kids, flowers and a card for the wife. You run all around finding these things, and that is a bitch, because you don’t have time to do it. Then you pray, pray, pray it’ll make them happy. You always feel like you have to top last year to keep them happy, and then you curse yourself for making next year even harder.

It’s a no-win situation. If you do it right, they get what they expect (and all you get is no sullenness in the family), and if you screw the pooch, you’re in the doghouse for a week. It’s not possible to make people happy. The best you can hope for is to not make them pissed at you.

Of course, this is true for every occasion like this: birthdays, mother’s day, your anniversary, Christmas. That’s what I hate about these things. You can lose, but you can never win. It takes the same amount of trouble to achieve either.

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Wow, just reading that made me stressed. Its really not that bad. :) breathe in…........ breathe out.
I think youre trying too hard. Make it simple, they’ll be glad you even thought about them.

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@daloon sounds like you need some heart-shaped qualudes.

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@daloon: Um, it’s not like that in our house at all. babirurtle36 is right, just breathe and keep it simple.

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I’m trying to keep it as simple as I can, but it is still very stressful. In fact, I’ve got a sore neck today.

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Just the commercialism, but then if it’s keeping someone in a job right now?
I picked a flower from the hotel garden and put it on my wife’s pillow on my way back from a morning swim…

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no, but i just don’t celebrate it. it’s ridiculous to fuss over the occasion. but sometimes i sure wish I had a valentine. but when it comes down to it, it’s not by chance, it’s by choice.

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No, I just dont embrace it.

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For me it really depends on who I’m with. When I was single I could really care less. When I’m in a relationship I care about it as much as the person I’m with does (which has varied from not at all to it being her favorite day of the year)

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