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What is the best free antivirus?

Asked by pplufthesun (599points) February 14th, 2009

I just tried installing McAfee antivirus (it came with my computer ages ago) and upon installing it, I learned it is out of date, and no longer can be updated. SO, what is the best free antivirus software for windows.

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I use AVG.
I don’t know about ‘best’, it does a little bit of marketing to try to get you to buy the professional version, but I have never had a problem with it, it is not as intrusive as Semantec. It is fairly quiet in its updates and stuff.
It has caught viruses as they came in. (Buffer overrun exploit on StumbleUpon addin.).

All in all I’m happy with it.

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I really like AVG, but prefer Avast!

It doesn’t look as pretty, but it works better for me on Windows Vista x64. It updates daily, provides real time protection, and does quick full system and even selected file/folder scans.

If you want to pay for an AntiVirus, definitely go with NOD32. It works great, uses very little resources and is very fast.

I promise if you go with Avast!, AVG or NOD32, you will not be disappointed.

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Avast… Here too…

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I’ve been happy with AVG for a long time.

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AVG has next to zero protection for “in the wild” scans finding unknown viruses and malware. Spend a few bucks and go with NOD32, I’ve been using it for 2 years now, and it’s amazing.

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@Eambos Thanks! I have always used AVG, but I can’t get it to download with Vista. I shall try AVAST.

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COMODO, and they have a free firewall as well. They offer a version which you can pay money for, but the free one is just as good. I have been using it for several years. I have visited a lot of questionable sites over the years (what canI say, I am adventurous) and COMODO kept all the bad shit out. I like it better than ANY of the other free ones, and I’ve used them all. AVG and Avast were both major disappointments. Not as bad as Norton or McAfee, but seriously, can anything be as sucky as those two?

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I will go with AVG (8.0).
You can get free downloads of many softwares, including antivirus, from the link below:

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You’ve already got enough viruses. That site will probably give you more. Dl from the official websites.

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The best is not free. Norton works great for me. Not intrusive and highly effective. Worth the couple of bucks you pay for it.

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I like webroot, not too expensive. I had Norton and it said I had no cookies/viruses. Later I downloaded webroot and it found a bunch of stuff.

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In my opinion Avira ( is the best of the free ones – it’s faster, uses less system resources, and picks up many viruses that the others don’t find. It’s also better than a lot of commercial products such as Norton and McAfee.

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I like ZenOK Free Antivirus, in my opinion this is the best new AV, itruns in the background and it’s automatic.

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