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Web site doesn't work without the "www"?

Asked by usermac (5points) February 14th, 2009

DNS settings below:
Total DNS: (Available)
ARecord @
ARecord @
ARecord @
CNAME sites
CNAME calendar
MX @
MX @
MX @
Total DNS Control and MX Records

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Try adding a CNAME with just the @

as in CNAME @

also keep the www CNAME entry.

Although the way you have it set should be working. Have you given DNS enough time to propogate?

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This isn’t working for me. I am doing this for a blogger blog with my own domain name. When I try to enter an @, it says that it isn’t a valid option.

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Actually, it says this exactly:

Please enter a valid host name for the Alias Name field.

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