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About usb hub connector... whay does this things have a power income?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) February 14th, 2009

i’ve seen several of this things, simple usb hubs and ‘ive always wondered why does it comes with a plug on the side. maybe i can switch in a power adaptor and charge my mp3 or other devices… but i dont know, because i havent found any information about it.

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a non feeded hub doesn’t supply the power needed to charge an iPod etc. it does however have the native power to feed data through, but without a feeded hub i wouldn’t be able to, for instance, charge 4 iPods at the same time

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Lets use my mouse and keyboard as an example. My mouse has the LED on the bottom and the keyboard lights up when I press caps lock. Both of those need power to function.

And even some hard drives will run off the power provided by USB.

My usb hub has seven ports. Imagine if all seven were pulling power from the single port on my computer. It could probably handle seven keyboards. But that is about it.

I would never buy a USB hub that wasn’t powered. Unless it was for traveling.

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Ok ok,,.... i’ll refrase the question: my usb is one of these: i had a couple but i never use them. my question is: what is this thing on the right side, and what it is for? it seems it is for plug something… (im asking because i might put the thing in a good use, otherwise i will keep it stored)

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