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What do you plan on giving up for Lent?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) February 14th, 2009

40 days of no good wine? or chocolate? or even digital cable in HD? could you do it? what will you give up? it’s the spiritual “cold turkey” that works for some, but not for all.

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Sleeping with men in the seminary.

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I’m not Catholic but I do like Lent. I’d probably try to give up fluther so that I might be able to accomplish somthing with my time. :)

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@mrswho: me either, i also like Lent even tho i am not catholic, but i do recognize it for Christian reasons. it’s very cleansing.

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i think i’ll go on record as giving up that cold beer with dinner. switch it out with water or natural fruit juice. love beer or wine with my food. i think i can get away with it or, well, without it.

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I am going to think about this one.

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@Bri_L yeah, how ‘bout it? it does take some thought, unlike what you plan on doing on the 2nd day of the new year in january. you know what i mean?

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if i was a priest, i might give up fondling for 40 days. well…...maybe.

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I intend to keep on sinning.

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“give up”? what is that? they’ve already taken away all my money

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@mrswho: Nooo! You just got here! :)

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@asmonet and i mean that based on your “answers.” try to find something you could render, boo. there has to be something you can do without for 40 days.

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@charliecompany34: True story about that sex with priest thing.

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@TitsMcGhee really? censored version here.

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Getting sick. ha.

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Im not catholic either, but I also try to give up something to “cleanse my soul”. This year it will be chocolate. And I am truly addicted to chocolate so it will be a real test.

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Instead of giving up something I will be giving to others. Compassion for those less fortunate

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As I am not Catholic, and refuse to follow the traditions set out by an old man in a funny hat, the only things I am giving up for Lent are: Carburetor belts, tanker loadlocks, motorcycle doors, left-handed monkey wrenches, sailboat fuel, and dispatcher brains. Truckers will know what these things are, the rest of you can guess.

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@TitsMcGhee: We love you just the same.

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Junk food.

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After a lot of thought, I have it…

I’m going to give up, giving up.

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@DrBill – How about holding up that cat?

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religion, just kidding, I quit beating my wife

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My arms are getting tired, and Catgut will need to go out soon.

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I think I’ll do like @TitsMcGhee and give up sleeping with men in the seminary.

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I’ll never give up sleeping with men in the seminary, who else is going to help them get their nut off when they neeed it most? And besides, if it saves even one altar boy, isn’t it worth it?

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Seriously, I should call the rectory and have them remove me from the church roster.

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@charliecompany34: I was at a bar with two friends who had found “friends,” so I was chilling by the bar. In my pretty shitty wasty state, I was trapped by this guy. There wasn’t really anyone else in the bar, and he had an australian accent, so I went for it. In the morning, I made my swift exit and, lo and behold, discovered exactly where I was when I walked outside and saw the banner with the name of the seminary on it. Good times, good times.

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If I still followed Catholicism, I’d give up gossiping.

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I don’t do Lent, but if i did, i’d probably give up something important… chocolate, or sugary sweet things. (yes, i’m a chocolate addict, it would be a big deal giving up that!)


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