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Illustrator question, easy answer, does anyone know?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) February 14th, 2009

I’m doing something in Illustrator I was wondering if anyone knew how I can remove a line I drew with the pen tool. I know how to delete points and add them but I have a line on the wrist that was part of the hand. I was wondering how I can get rid of that line across the wrist to make it look all as one. Do i need to redraw the hand and not close the line?

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you can delete points with the pen tool if you press option (or a similar one) at the same time, or you can choose the white arrow, select the section of the line and hit delete…

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Yeah I know that but if I try to delete it, it removes pretty much the whole hand, I just want to remove that line across the wrist part. I am sure there is a better way then just leaving the line open

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Actually, I am looking at the picture (sorry about not doing before the original response) and it seems that you want to add anchor points, delete the line in between, and then join the points from the two drawings…. it would be faster to trace a new hand over the old one…

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okay cool I will try that

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worked :) thanks

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You could have used the pen tool, with the hand already selected, to add anchor points where it joins the wrist. Then you could have used direct select (White arrow tool) to select and delete the bottom point of the hand, leaving your desired look.

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