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How did you start fluthering?

Asked by shaunabe (95points) February 15th, 2009

How did you hear about it? And what keeps you coming back?

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This question has been asked a few times before so you may find some useful answers there.

As for what keeps me coming back… that’s a whole other story. One part of it is that I simply love Q&A sites. However, in the past few days I have been coming here less and still feel satisfied, so I’d say one difference now versus my comment in that previous thread and now is that I am beginning to conquer Fluther in my own way :)

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via a blog. what keeps me coming back? i’m pretty sure heroin leaks through my keyboad when i visit the site, so it’s a bit of a contact high. plus you have some pretty hilarious interactions here, and discussions on things like lifehacking, random meaning of life questions, people trying to cheat on homework assignments, iPod playlist, how this is secretly a front for the CIA and poop (no lie).

why wouldn’t you keep coming back?

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It’s Apple’s fault for advertising the iPhone web app.

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i was on askville about 5 minutes ago. someone up there just told me about it and i’m just getting here.


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i googled a question and led me here….this was the only place with my answer

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Some of my good friends got suspended or banned from Askville & I followed them over here. I see a lot of familiar ‘faces’ here & have met one new friend who I enjoy.

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This question has been asked too many times, man. But hey you’re new, and I am still trying to find the “repeated question” area in the guidelines, so whatever. I started fluthering by Klaas’s “Favorite Mario Character?” Question. Just keep getting praise, Klaas and Astrochuck will have competition. Haha

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