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First time Macbook user! Is there a way to right click?

Asked by davbet27 (9points) February 15th, 2009

In trying to delete folders, bookmarks, etc, is there a way to right click to find a delete function?

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Ctrl + click, or go to System Preferences and enable “two-finger” right click.

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You have to ctrl-click or buy a comfortable USB mouse.

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If you’re using one of the new uni-body macbooks then tap the track pad with 2 fingers.

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all helpful. thanks!

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All machines since (atleast) the G4 laptops can right click by holding two fingers on the trackpad, and then clicking or if you have taping enabled, just tap using two fingers instead of one.

of course you could also ctrl+click or use a mouse with two or more buttons like the Mighty Mouse

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