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How many questions have you asked the collective that could have been answered by Google?

Asked by Baloo72 (702points) February 15th, 2009

I see a lot of questions that could have been answered by Google. Did you search for those questions on Google (it doesn’t actually have to be Google, it could be Yahoo or otherwise) before consulting the collective?

I have asked one question so far that I did Google, couldn’t find my answer, and then asked the collective. Luckily someone else’s Google powers were superior and they found the answer I was looking for.

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If I have a factual question, I usually google first, and then Fluther if I don’t find a satisfactory answer. And even in those cases, I usually try to specify that I am looking for personal opinions or experiences to make it clear that it’s not a googleable question.

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At times I think mine could be questions that can be googled, but like @syz said I’m looking for people’s actual experiences.

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None. I hope.

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I think 3. One I never would have thought to google and the others I realized after I should have googled, I just wasn’t thinking about it at the moment.

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I’ve asked a few questions that could have been answered by Google but here’s the thing. Sometimes I’ve gotten answers from people on Fluther that I would actually consider better than what I could have located on Google. That’s saying a lot for all the intellectuals we have here.

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Um… none, I think? I hope at least…

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I don’t think I have. The few times I can think of I googled and googled until I was about to flip out and got almost nothing back.

Fluther is win.

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Let me go look. I will be honest.

Maybe five or six, but some of them would have taken some digging. Like the technical ones. I didn’t know what I was talking about let alone the terminology I would have needed in order to Google it. A cord is a cord is a cord to me – except for a USB, I know what those look like. The one about the spider bite I probably could have Google and found with some digging. Same goes for the body aches one.

It’s nice to get feedback from people I can communicate with though. Not a website that I can’t ask more questions to.

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At least one probably could have, but I tried and was unsuccessful.
‘Five Keys’ kept returning ‘Five Keys for good Writing’ and ‘Five Keys to happiness’. On futher consideration, I could have used advanced search to get around that.

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A few. A Google answer isn’t everything. I like the discussions.

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One. I said I could google it, but maybe someone here knew something that would make the search go faster, and as it happened, before I could turn around, I had an answer. It was wonderful.

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That is why I am a big opinionated-asker.

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I don’t understand the correlation.
Or what that means.

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None but I have only asked 9 questions in 6 mos, I guess that’s why.

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1, and I had already tried Google, which was what led me here.

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Yes, you.

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I ask more opiniotnated questions, like “How do I deal with Procrastionation?” or something. Not “What is 2+2?”
Go to my profile and look at the “questions I’ve asked”.

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Ohh. You’re trying to say you ask subjective questions rather than objective questions. Got it.

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