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What can you use to deter squirrels from coming on to your roof and chewing their way into your attic?

Asked by hossman (3276points) November 21st, 2006
Again, for my paralegal, who has squirrels in her attic (is this like bats in a belfry?)
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You can trap them in a live trap and take them away (like 30 miles away) and release them in someone else's yard. Or you can trap them and drop the trap in a garbage can of water.
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Mom-mom, that is so cruel!
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must inspect the eves, soffits, facia they will chew a hole through the wood particularly this time of year to establish a nest. sometimes it is behind the gutters. If you find a hole it must be repaired or covered. before repair put mothballs in the hole and cover with metal or replace the wood. they come back to the nest in which they were born year after year.
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A Lounge Chair, six pack of Beer And a BB gun.
This Will Take Care Of The Problem !

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Make your roof slippery somehow.

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