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What is a sentance you never want to say?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) February 15th, 2009 from iPhone
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But I’ve been using that toothbrush for the last 6 weeks!!!

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“My life ended up being insignificant.”

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“I want a divorce.”

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“I’m sorry for…”

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So, what are my chances of walking again?

Or painting for that matter.

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“You’re a man?!”

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“I’m sorry, your cat got away.”

(Seriously, I’d get dumped.)

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. o O ( I think I’ve already said it ).

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“What is a sentance you never want to say”

sorry, I had to

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So how much time do I have?

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I just got voted off American Idol.

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How many extra appendix’ did you say I had again?

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We need to talk….

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He meant nothing to me, and I was thinking of you the whole time!

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[plural appendix is appendices]
My sentence:

I’m sorry, I don’t love you anymore.

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@asheliz: Most times, that’s the best thing you could say.

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“I can’t spell the word sentance correctly.”

(Sorry, @toomuchcoffee911, I just couldn’t resist it) and I’m j/k

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“I hate you.”

loser's avatar

I’m sorry, I had to burn it down.

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Why do the people at Infectious Disease Control want to talk to me?

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“What do you mean ‘cut it off’?”

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@Grisson thx. but seriously, i don’t want to say that. evah.

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“I am sorry, we did the best we could” in a medical context

Adina1968's avatar

Is this life threatening?

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But she said she was 21!

Jayne's avatar

“They blocked Fluther?!”

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“But I thought Tubal Ligation’s were permanent?!”

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“Listening to President Palin almost makes me nostalgic for George Bush”

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“no, i love A cups”.

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What do you mean? Blind?

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“No thanks man. I gave that shit up…”

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“What in the hell is that growth on my genitals and why is it different colors?”

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You’re done already?

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“trust me, this never happens!”

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“Ohh Brad…sorry, umm I mean Mark!”

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@KrystaElyse or “I take thee Brad to be my lawfully wedded… sorry, umm I mean Mark…”

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@mrswho – Hahaha, yeah! Talk about ruining the moment.

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Is that as big as it gets?

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to follow up on what @chyna said… “Well that was anti-climatic…”

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“I never thought I’d enjoy an “Everybody Loves Raymond” marathon, but I did.”

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Well… i think its about time to stop drinkin….

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You mean that wasn’t lemonade that I just drank?!?

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“Honey, I shrunk the kids”

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@KrystaElyse that’s not funny! I DID call my husband by another name once. OOPS! This was before we were married, but it was still a baaaad moment.

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@Kiev749 @jbfletcherfan This is the second marriage for both my wife and I. We used to joke about ‘phantom name syndrome’. I got called by her 1st’s name for a long time.

Now we call our kids the wrong names frequently. It’s funny, not really embarassing, though the kids are usually not amused.

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I just pulled at least 5 inches of the leash my new dog ate 2 days ago out of her butt.
(I swear I just said this to a friend because it did just happen). Damn, I’m a crappy mom!

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Chyna – Awesome.

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