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Good hip-hop artists?

Asked by madcapper (3095points) February 15th, 2009

Anyone know of any good hip hop I should check out? I am trying to find new music. Thanks!

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Great question, madcapper! I’ve been thinking the same thing. I still listen to ‘Hypnotize’ and Warren G. I can’t believe all that shit is more than 10 years old now!! It’s still classic, but I should really move on, right? Right, so I’m following the thread.

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awww shit I just got rick roll’d! haha
@Allie. I agree Sage Francis is damn good!

Perhaps I should say what I already listen to which would be:
Sage Francis
Deltron 3030
Jurassic 5
and maybe some others but I can’t think right now.

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I don’t listen to much hip-hop anymore, not even the backpacker stuff. The last rapper I liked was Roots Manuva, and he’s British. He’s fantastic, though. All deep ‘n shit.

Hip-hop has a worldwide posse!

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Jay-z, Weezy, Da truth, Ace Hood


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A few suggestions….

The Roots
A Tribe Called Quest
Talib Kweli
The Cool Kids
DJ Danger Mouse
Aesop Rock
Jurassic Five
Cadence Weapon
Ruckus Roboticus
Bone Thugs n Harmony
De La Soul
Three Melancholy Gypsies

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i like Outkast

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Magnus to the rescue!

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I’d like to add Mos Def to tits’ list.

You might also like Cage or Immortal Technique

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I’m sorry, emt, you don’t get to answer. You forfeited your chance when you rickrolled the guy. What the hell did you do that for, anyway?

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P.O.S. and MURS are my absolute favourites. k-os, aesop rock, jurrasic 5, a tribe called quest, flobots, lupe fiasco, the cool kids

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Ugh, where to start.
I’ll tell you the ones of those mentioned above you should NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES check out. Ok?

DO NOT check out:
Any of the ones Sellz said (wtf sellz): Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Da Truth, Ace Hood. None of these are good places to start, or at any time end up on.
Also, forget The Cool Kids and Lupe Fiasco.

Other than that, everything mentioned in this thread besides these are great. I’m impressed fluther.

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Get PnL and show her this.

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@Magnus: What do you have against the Cool Kids?

@original question: Also, I want to add Dizzee Rascal and Busdriver.

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thanks for the answers!!
@TitsMcGee great answer and while I know and listen to many of those acts there are plenty on your list I will check out! much lurve!!
@Magnus don’t worry I wouldn’t check out the ones you mentioned haha

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though I am listening to Jay Z mixed with Nirvana live and it’s pretty sweet but since it’s rare Cleveland shit I don’t expect people to have it :)

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@TitsMcGhee Subpar lyrics, unoriginal beats. They’re enjoyable, but not a place to start if you want to start liking real hip hop.

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some of this is damn good shit… I will report back later after I have listened to more.

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I’m loving CunninLynguists and P.O.S.!!

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add Nas, Outkast, Charles Hamilton, Kid Cudi, Common, 3rd base, Main Source, and Q-tip to TitsMcGhee’s list
other then that his list is badass

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and oh yeah be on the look out for Lupe Fiasco’s new album “Lasers” in the summer…let me tell you…thats going to be one freakin awesome album!!

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wu tang binary star unknown prophets demi godz eyedea jurrasic 5 mf doom mf grimm swollen members army of the pharos jedi mind tricks apathy talib kweli notorious big

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