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Which Ancient Philosopher would you bring back to life to aid and act as a consultant for modern goverments?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) February 16th, 2009

Or even a group of ancient Philosophers, Great Thinkers, Poets, Litterates, Diplomats, Statesmen, Mathematicians… all together for the improvement of modern societies..

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I’d bring back: Lao tse, Jalal Ad-Din Rumi, Schopenhauer, Omar Khayyam (even if he was more a thinker-poet), Hehaka Sapa (a holy man), Thomas More, Nikola Tesla… etc..

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Does Jesus count as a philosopher?

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Bush seemed to think so.

I’d bring back Yoda.

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What about the Bud a?

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I would certainly appreciate and respect the intelligence and wisdom of all of these individuals:

Rene Descartes
Friedrich Nietzsche

The one drawback or hurdle to all of this would be that you would have to educate all of them in the current ways that modern governments and politics work.

These are people that formulated ideas and philosophies during a bygone area. Although I believe that some of their ancient wisdom might apply in today’s world, there might a decent portion of it that contrasts also with the way things happen or are currently perceived in modern society.

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The world is so screwed up I don’t think any one will listen to some individual who thinks that he had an answer to life.

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@antimatter yes.. anyone you choose counts.. good choice
@Bluefreedom Indeed.. only I believe that it wouldn’t be Them that would need to be re-educated in order to adapt, It’s us that need to be completely reformed.
(but I understand what you mean)

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@antimatter. Pluto is a planet. Or it used to be anyway. :o)

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Okay Plato than… small typo – blush – blush – red face….

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Let’s bring these folks back and give them their own news shows:
Harry Truman
Will Rogers
Mark Twain
Ben Franklin
George Carlin

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Socrates. I’d like to see some of the leaders answer his questions and either come to a deeper understanding, or look a fool in the process. Always, always question!

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