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Where is the support for all our troops?

Asked by Meathooks24 (34points) February 16th, 2009
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On bumper stickers and yard signs.

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What does that mean exactly? Who doesn’t support the troops? Just because I don’t have a magnet on my vehicle?

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Well all I was try to state is that there is a lot of people who support but don’t go out and do anything. I am a soldier and i don’t see it from most people. I was actually just wanting people to put shout outs on here.

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I still see it quite a bit when it comes up in conversation online, etc. For one thing the war has been going on for a pretty long time now… It’s kind of old news. When out in uniform back home I still have people come up and shake my hand or offer to buy my meal, etc. I think it’s there. There just aren’t any parades or anything. And besides, people aren’t required to show support for the troops, we fight for their right to not have to support us, after all. :)

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There’s a lot of support and appreciation out there for all our troops (and their families) do for us. If there is something specific we could do for you and yours right now, let us know.

Like StellarAirman said, I think there’s tons of support on an individual basis. At the airport over the holidays, a guy in line bought dinner for the three soldiers that were in line at the same time. Nobody asked him to, he just thought it was the right thing to do.

It’s not a very popular war. Average people (myself included) wonder what we’re doing and why. So it’s tough to have big public displays but if there’s something we can do for individuals, it tends to get done.

Is there somewhere you’re not seeing support? Is there something you need?

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People might not agree with the war, but I think everyone would agree that we are honored by what our troops do for us daily.

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The troops are going to be refuse and inteligencion department rise.By my focus

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What does that all mean pathfinder those arent even real words are they?

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I set up a charity event at work where people would donate items or money and we sent everything to my brothers Marine Corp group (platoon?) in Irak.

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Well thank you for your support. I believe more people should support our troops. Not because they have to but because they should want to. I know a lot of soldiers who need the support.

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I supported the troops by voting for Obama.

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GQ Mea. GA laureth! I fear the so called success of “the surge” has put the plight of these brave souls off many peoples radars.

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@StellarAirman – GA, I wish I could lurve you more than once for that.

@StellarAirman @Meathooks24 – Thank you for your service to our country.

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@laureth I love that answer so much. I would give you a million more “GAs” if I could. :)

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Well I apologize for ever sound ungrateful to everyone out there who support us and what we do. I just know there are a lot of soldiers out there who have not yet been touched by the graces of others who support them with gift boxes and letters. I am lucky enough to have a great group of friends and an awesome church who support me. i ask them to support the troops that i know but i don’t know everyone who is deployed in the foreign countries. I asked the question to see where I can find sites for this support. It was my first question I asked on fluther. I did not elaborate on it because i did not know what i was doing. Thanks


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Ah, @Meathooks24 – that makes a lot of sense!

There’s Any Soldier
and Treats for Troops
and Operation Shoebox
and treat Any Soldier

I haven’t personally checked any of these out so I can’t vouch for their reliability, but they were on the first page of Google results when I searched for “packages for soldiers.”

I am also aware that some companies will give free postage to APO boxes if you send their product to soldiers.

Hope that helps! :)

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Thanks all and thank you all for all of your support


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