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When was the last time you had sex?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) February 16th, 2009

4 months for me.
I’m beginning to miss it.

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Last saturday, LOL!!

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Sex? What’s that?

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Yesterday. Would have been this morning, but we were both hungry for breakfast.

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Last night.

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I got my afternoon NOOKY yesterday.

Sparkie510's avatar

With a human?

Mr_M's avatar

I imagine it wasn’t too long ago for most people, what, with Valentine’s Day and all. Except me.

onesecondregrets's avatar

I love never knowing what to expect from my fellow Flutheree’s. <3.

@Mr_M…I sad 4 months up there! Don’t feel bad. Haha.

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15 minutes ago… (My boyfriend just left)

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@onesecondregrets , WHAT was “4 months up there”? Up where?

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Do previous lives count?

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With a partner?

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@Mr_M my typing rules. I’m referring to the expanded part of my question. I stated that it’s been 4 months since I’ve had sex. Therefore, V-Day did nothing for me either, haha.

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Sad. (To think I was getting ready for a cold shower!)

Listen! What are friends for? Did I mention I have big feet???

onesecondregrets's avatar

OMG I has big feetz too! BFFL.

babiturtle36's avatar

We ALL know, it’s not how big your feet are, it’s what you can do with them.

Mr_M's avatar

babirutle36, well, since you brought it up, I like to think I put new meaning to the phrase “stimulus PACKAGE”!!!

Bri_L's avatar

4 years 8.5 months.

And to think I was going to welcome you to fluther onesecondregrets, then you go and ask this question! hehe.

ps welcome to fluther!

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Only on fluther…

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I suppose we are supposed to remember the exact year, too!

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Is this so all the people who haven’t had any can meet up and… uh… help each other out?

Bri_L's avatar

@daloon good god I hope so. DAMN! I’m married. That won’t work!

onesecondregrets's avatar

@Bri_L…Geez, I’m sorry! Curiosity killed the Cat (lolz my name is Cat) But thank you still for the welcome-age. :). one has to answer if they don’t want to, I swear!

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With my boyfriend… Saturday. Solo, yesterday.

Jack79's avatar

a couple of weeks ago, when I was still in the same city as my gf. We’re several thousand miles apart right now, which sort of poses some technical difficulties. Not sure when we’ll meet again, could be months :(

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Well it has been three months. It sucks so bad to be away from your significant other. but some of us have a job to do in foreign countries.

Bri_L's avatar

@onesecondregrets – No worries, I’m teasing ya. I am happy for all ya bastards and bastardets who are getting some!

onesecondregrets's avatar

I know, I know. :).

And I’m not gettin’ any anyways so its k. Haha.

May2689's avatar

Yesterday.. all morning….mmmmmm

charliecompany34's avatar

this morning at about 6 a.m. wonderful!

Bri_L's avatar

I have GOT to stop reading this thread. . .. yet I can’t look away…. .

It is like a car reck. I keep rubber necking.

seekingwolf's avatar

October. :) My bf is coming in March so probably again then.


laureth's avatar

@Bri_L – That sounds vaguely dirty, too…

Sparkie510's avatar

Well I only need one hand to type this message…

Sakata's avatar

Where’d this question spawn from?

Sparkie510's avatar

Have you noticed… This question has lasted two hours -amazing!

cak's avatar

Yesterday, before the kids returned from Nana’s house. :)

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@laureth – it seemed like it as I typed it but I chalked it up to my dry spell.

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3 weeks ago :( Yay for being single.

Bri_L's avatar

@Ashpea9288 married 12 years last October. Even talked about sex in terms of compatibility before marriage, had sex before, were compatible, happy, good at it. Single, married. Doesn’t always make the difference.

augustlan's avatar

I had pancakes last Sunday. No, I mean actual pancakes. They were yummy and all, but I could use a big dollop of orgasm syrup. :(

Emerson's avatar

Good ol’ valentine’s day. Haha

Ashpea9288's avatar

@Bri_L True, although in my experience I’ve never had to go without sex while in a relationship. I’ve been single for about four months, which is the longest I’ve been single since the age of 15 (sad, I know), and since I don’t want to have sex with just anyone it’s been pretty sparse the past four months, which is definitely hard for me!

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@Sparkie510 wish i could last 2 hours.

Mamradpivo's avatar

Saturday afternoon.

Dog's avatar

Daily- there has to be some perks to being married with kids.

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You know, Promises were made to me 2 years ago to when I had a vasectomy, which was the second most painful experience in my life, and still nada. AND you have to flush the pipes 25+ times before they will test you to see if your in the clear. That mean zero help!

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The last time that I remember was December 8, 2007. That was some of the worst “break up” sex ever and since then everything has been a drunken blur. This “single” life has its ups and downs, but I do miss the almost everyday lovin

DrBill's avatar

June 6

the day before

NaturalMineralWater's avatar

About two months ago. I hate the military sometimes.

SuperMouse's avatar

It has been a long, long, long time, that’s why I recently bought stock in the International House of Pancakes.

KatawaGrey's avatar

@augustlan: I love the new A!

augustlan's avatar

Thanks…I think it’s one of Marina’s suggested fonts.

Mr_M's avatar

Well, MY calendar is free today!

stevenb's avatar

Right now.

Oh, fine, not right now, but two weeks ago, before the relatives showed up. They left yesterday, so Yippie! Play time again tonight!

fireinthepriory's avatar

Same time as @adreamofautumn… approximately. Or, not so approximately.

Trustinglife's avatar

Maybe even… simultaneously?!?!
Welcome to the collective!

adreamofautumn's avatar

@Trustinglife nope not simultaneously! When would we have time with all this fluthering going on?! ;).

Trustinglife's avatar

Ahh, I guessed wrong then.

fireinthepriory's avatar

@Trustinglife – adreamofautumn is just being facetious. :) You hit the mark.

Thanks for the welcome!

Bri_L's avatar

I knew it!!! Welcome!!!

augustlan's avatar

Last night. Yay!

Bri_L's avatar

sniff yay sniff. I’m happy for sniff you.


augustlan's avatar

Didn’t mean to rub it in Bri :(
Here’s a pancake for you.

Bri_L's avatar

YUMMY YUMMM!!!!!!! Pancake!!!!!!!

KatawaGrey's avatar

I thought rubbing was the point…

Bri_L's avatar

heheheheh. Lurve!

KatawaGrey's avatar

Thanks! Sometimes it helps to always have sex on the brain! (whether I’m having it ona regular basis or not..)

Trustinglife's avatar

That’s the motto of all men everywhere.

By the way, before I posted this, there were 69 responses! Case in point.

KatawaGrey's avatar

@Trustinglife: You made me smile.

Trustinglife's avatar

That’s the other motto of all men everywhere. (Make women happy.)
(Edit: Wait, that should be TRY to make women happy.)

KatawaGrey's avatar

Haha, I’m easy to please but also easy to piss off so it all balances out. :P

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With a partner, the beginning of last June. Solo, January 26th. (Yes, I keep track. stfu. It’s a big accomplishment when I have a successful wank. I have issues with it.)

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Lurve for ‘successful wank’ ;)

skgskgskg22's avatar

5 minutes ago

FrankHebusSmith's avatar

about 4 months ago not long before F*cking up my life

punkrockworld's avatar

fuck my life =]

onesecondregrets's avatar

…Hey at least nobody’s said never! So we’ve all got it better than we could, even if it’s been a while still. Haha.

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@onesecondregrets: What if 90’s kid saw this thread? I wonder how he would answer…

MacBean's avatar

@KatawaGrey He’d probably call us all perverts and say we need to keep it PG because we’re ruining Fluther.

augustlan's avatar

Fluther pervs. The best pervs in the world ;)

KatawaGrey's avatar

@MacBean: Haha, I think you nailed it.

@augustlan: Damn skippy we are!

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waaaay too long. I don’t actively seek out sex, but warmly welcome the opportunity if it comes a knockin.

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