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She's just not that into you?

Asked by Emdean1 (685points) February 16th, 2009

I saw this movie yesterday and I thought it was pretty darn funny. Its from both Men and Woman’s views on relationships and dating. If you have read the book or seen the movie what do you think?

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I loved it! I was pleasantly surprised. The commercials made it look as if it would have ever romantic cliche crammed in there and I wasn’t looking forward to that. However, as I said, I was pleasantly surprised. Though I did think Gigi was a few sandwiches short of a picnic herself…

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@katawagrey WOW GIGI! Sad to say but i have a friend just like that. Its hilarious!

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Hahaha, I think we all know that girl in some way. :D

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I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the book really is great. It has the most obvious information, but presents it in a way that makes it really stick. I’m not a fan of the self-help/relationship genre, but I’d recommend the book to anyone.

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I read the book, what felt like so long ago and was really surprised to find that they made it into a movie. It really is such “duh advice” but I think everyone needs to hear it every once in a while. It was funny without being cliche yet we know everyone in that book. I don’t need to see the movie since I already read the book. The same goes for the shopaholics movie, I read that book too, I can’t believe they made that into a movie. Is their no original idea for a movie anymore?!

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I haven’t seen it either, but my daughter went yesterday with a giggle of friends, and they all thought it was terrific.

Bear in mind, though, that they all loved Twilight, too.

However, my daughter also loved Big Fish so that gives me hope that she has good movie taste in there somewhere.

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I saw the movie and really liked it. And of course, I do know someone like the girl in the movie too, so it made it even funnier.

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I was disappointed in the movie at first but it kind of grew on me.

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I serve at a Movie Theatre that doubles as a bar and restaurant and I have seen so many clips of this movie that I must condemn it as horrible. Anytime the phrase “dry-hump” gets huge laughs I die a little inside…

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@Darwin wtf is a “giggle” of friends?

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@madcapper A cute and apt spin on gaggle?
Or perhaps just a serendipitous typo?

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hahaha ok :)

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btw it is on the bull shit shallow hollywood view on relationships so mens views are skewed and women’s are equally srtrange. unless you buy into this kind of thing,

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@madcapper – a giggle of friends refers to a group of teenage girls. Next time you see such a group be quiet and listen for a moment. Then you will understand why it is a “giggle” of friends.

It was no typo.

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Men and Women are equally screwed up in the head!
There i said it! :)

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@Darwin I see hmm… how about an annoyance?

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@madcapper – that would be a reference to boys in middle school – “an annoyance of boys.” Teenaged boys would be “a hungry of boys.”

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I liked it. Definately a chick flick.

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it was a really funny movie, i saw in an article that jennifer connelly said she was excited about playing a different role for once, i thought it was really funny she said that because she played the most dramatic character with barely any funny lines in the entire movie, didnt seem like much of a change of character for her to me haha.

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