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Does anyone have a good long distance relationship story to share that turned out well?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) February 16th, 2009

My girlfriend and I are currently doing the long distance thing. I am looking for a job in her city. I am planning to ask her to marry me this summer, so it’s pretty serious. Just really missing her.

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Well, I’ve never been in one but I have a couple of friends who have been together for something like 2 1/2 years now. They are still very much in love and live very far away from each other. He goes to school in Massachusetts and she goes to school in Brazil. They’re still going strong. :)

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I’ll try to make this short…..
I met my boyfriend online. He came to florida so we could actaully meet and hang out. After a few times it got serious.
It was hard, we flew back and
forth every few months. After 2 years of long distance I moved to be with him. We are still together today. May will be our
6 year anniversary. Communication is SO important. This might sound sappy, but even when we didn’t have anything to say, we’d still just sit on the phone with each other, just to feel like we were with each other. ( all the guys wanna throw up now huh LOL)

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hmmm lets see,i met my wife 2004 when i was visiting family in pakistan,close family friend,we are all originally from Afghanistan,so i visited two or three more times in the summer. Then she moved to kabul,so i visited Kabul Afghanistan for awhile. Through out these visits and yearly absences we kept in touch through a laptop and webcam i provided to them while i was in USA. this recent summer,08, i went with my whole family to Afghanistan and got married,it was awsome and now shes here with me and we enjoy being together,also i am 21 and shes 20,so it was like love at first sight,when we were kids practically.

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i live 3 hours away from my boy friend. im away at college and hes at home. its hard, we fought a lot in the beginning. but we are getting through it :) long distance is hard, but it makes being together more fun.

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my brother met a girl from germany online and he lived in new york at the time. they talked for quite awhile online, on the phone, etc. a year or 2 later, he lives in germany with her and they’re married and just bought a new apartment and a few cats. (:

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It’ll be 6 years in September for my LDR :) And we’re still long distance…

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My girlfriend and I went to different colleges last year, so I only saw her 2 times over that year, minus Christmas break. We’re still going strong, but now we are at the same college since she decided paying for a private school was stupid.

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I met this boy who attended my school who moved to New jersey from Texas. We hit things off right away and became closer and closer together. We dated for a good year and then bad news came that he had to move back to Texas with his family. The orginial plan was for us just to break up and remain friends with the distance, but he didn’t want that. He wanted to try the long distance things. Things worked out for about 6 months, one of us would fly one way and spend a week with each other every month. But sooner or later we broke up because it was too much to handle.

The way it ended well is we speak everyday to this day and are the BEST of friends. He is planning to visit this summmer and spend the summer here. So taking the chance was worth it :)

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My husband and I met on (a question/answer site that no longer exists) the time we were both married to others, he in IL, me in NY…we couldn’t be without each other so eventually he got a divorce and moved here to be with me…eventually I got a divorce too and we married each other and are raising 2 kids

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