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What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) February 16th, 2009 from iPhone

I had and still have my bear. Her name is candy and I would always sleep with her. I still did up until I had my daughter haha kind of weird huh?

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Legos! omg, i had a chest full of legos. like, literally millions of them. i would build transformers out of legos and voltron too! holy crap.

i really am pissed that the lego stores have taken off since my adulthood. i could have used a place like that!

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I used to make stuff. I guess my favorite toys were scissors and glue and paper and yarn and a crochet hook. Also loved the dollhouse, because I could decorate it.

This reminds me of a kid my mom used to babysit who was a little younger than me. We used to have to play together. So one day I said, “Let’s make stuff!” She didn’t have any idea what that meant. Her toys were already made.

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Hey my daughter’s name is Candy and she’s not a bear (though she is pretty hairy for a little girl). I had a bear that was given to me when I was a few weeks old by one of my dad’s colleagues. The bear was bigger than me at the time, and ended up serving as a pillow some 14 years later, when I finally put it on a shelf. It is still there somewhere.
My favourite toys growing up were my Playmobils, with houses and horses and stuff like that. Though I spent most of my spare time outdoors playing football or riding my bike.

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Major Matt Mason

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Stretch Armstrong! also Pokemon.

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@laureth yeah, i LOVED that sorta thing too! one time i made a superhero costume out of construction paper and ran out of scotch tape, so i made my mom take me to the store – in said costume – and buy more tape.

i also made a thundercat sword out of paper towel tubes and a red milk jug cap, onto which i drew the thundercat logo. awesome.

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@poofandmook i got a Teddy Ruxpin for free in a contest and would scare the crap out of my kid sister by putting tapes other than his tapes into him. His mouth would move, but it would be an entirely different experience. awesome.

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A soldering iron and a dremel. I used to make little electronic things all the time, and still do! I would take apart the cheap remote control cars just to get the motor to play with.

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Easy bake oven, baby. No wonder I grew up to be a fatty for like 10 years of my life, lolol.

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My favorite thing to do was color, draw and paint. But I did love Strawberry Shortcake. I had all the miniatures, a few houses and other random accessories.

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A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock.
I wish. Although I would most certainly have put my eye out

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It was a small (2X4) block of wood with some mayonnaise jar/lids for tires and a big fat nail in the middle was my driver. We had some good times and never got stuck in the mud. I think Hummer stole my idea for a well-built SUV.

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Barbies and The game Operation.

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Star Wars action figures and ships. Woo Hoo.

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I always used to love making stuff! We had a cabinet of junk that I would rummage through and make everything that would occupy me for hours. Nobody does that anymore!

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My NES. It was my best friend for a long time. Still got it too but it doesn’t work.

Really need to get it fixed. I miss Duck Hunt.

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Rock Em’-Sock Em’ Robots
Lincoln Logs
Hot Wheels
Tonka Trucks
Erector Sets
Chutes and Ladders
G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip
Six Million Dollar Man action figure
Atari 2600

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I loved my trampoline. I did all kinds of stuff with that thing. Bounced, wrestled, pulled up to the house and jumped off the house, did flips and stuff with snowboards, laid on it and watched stars, making out and fucking on it. I burned a hole in it because I lit a bottle rocket and it landed on it. I miss my trampoline now.

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My Bionic Man Action Figure and Bionic Mission Vehicle

I wish I still had those for my son.

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I miss my Lite-Brite… sniff Easy Bake oven was awesome only time I have ever been able to bake anything. :-/

I was given two things when I was born a 4 legged unicorn (the 4 legs is important) which I came to call Candle, and a lambskin. I still have the lambskin, and Candle but now shes 3 legged and needs stitching…

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My Sit-and-Spin as a tiny girl and my Spirograph once I was older. What can I say, I like circles. Just like Michel Gondry.

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Lego or my Amiga.

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It would be a toss up between a set of wooden blocks with which we built all kinds of things and the sand box my dad built us that became the beach, the desert, the Mekong Delta (with a water hose added), a mountain range, and so many other things.

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Grass. I used to love to collect the clippings from when the lawn was mowed and arrange them into designs for houses and other buildings — whole cities with the roads implied.

We were very rural when I was real little; there were no real toys, so I played with whatever I found… mud, rocks, stuff thrown away on the road… until I learned how to read. From then on, aside from a doll I made clothing for, I only played with toys when someone had a really interesting one. Pick-Up Sticks (jackstraws), jacks, and chalk for hopscotch are the main toys I remember owning. Oh, and playing cards, for “War.”

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Toy cars of every brand, style, shape, color and vehicle type. I still have my first toy car. For years I kept it on the dashboard of my vehicles, as a reminder that they were not toys.

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Legos! Still is!!!

I still have mine!

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I’ve had my stuffed bear, Fatso, since I was five. I still sleep with him sometimes, but he’s getting pretty old and I’m afraid that I’ll rip him somehow, so I generally only sleep with him when I’m feeling particularly down. It makes me sad, but I want him to last forever. He’s gone with me on every road-trip I’ve ever been on, and he even went with me when I had surgery at a young age. I woke up from the anesthesia and there he was, hospital bracelet with name, robes and all. Those were some awesome, thoughtful doctors. :)

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My bad-ass bigwheel!

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My Toot Sweet, my Flip Wilson doll, my Easy Curl and of course Mystery Date. I also had Chrissy and Velvet, but I lost their shoes and their clothes and their hair always looked like a rat’s nest.

Come on fellow girls of the 70’s, I want to hear all about your Baby Tender Love, Kiddles, and Dawn dolls!

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My APBA baseball board games from, uh, a prior decade.

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My brothers knight rider big wheel, my huffy bike with banana seat, arts and crafts, legos, barbies, roller skates, spirograph, fisher price record player, erector set.
I hated the easy bake oven. All that work for a bite of crappy cake. Ugh.
I still have my blankie, a teddy bear my dad gave my mom when they were dating, and a few hand made toys my grandma made me (a sock monkey and a doll).

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@SuperMouse I had little kiddles!! None of my friends had them so I thought they were super special.

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Play-doh! It was fun, and it tasted good!

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My little….errm…. thingamachingy <grin>

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Not in front of the girls, I hope.

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lol, awesome

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@TaoSan apparently, it is was quite legendary.

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Do books qualify as toys? Otherwise its a toss up between a toy “giger counter” that would pick up telephone calls when we stood under the phone lines and a water powered rocket. We went on to build rockets in the rocket club, and I went on to shoot one for the
Army. Still I think it was the books that sent me down that path.

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