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Spanish translation, please? - "Descubrimos vos y yo en el triste carnaval una musica brutal melodias de dolor?

Asked by Jude (32098points) February 16th, 2009

When you go to the translation site and translate, it’s hard to understand (you know how those translating sites are?).

It’s from a song by Gotan Project.

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And I discovered you in the sad carnival a brutal music ringtones pain.

apparently, a curse has been placed on your mother.

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Actually it says ”we discover (or discovered, could be either), you and I, in the sad carnival, brutal music, melodies of pain.”

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Sorry, but unless it means “The book is on the table”, I can’t help you out. That’s all I remember how to say from High School.

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I can only help if you need to find a bathroom or a library.

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We discovered our voice and ourselves in this sad carnival of brutal music and painful melodies.

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Why are people chiming in with protestations of inability to speak Spanish? Are you proud of this? Hmm.

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@Johnny, Your translation is incorrect.

It says “vos” not “voz”. “vos” is you. “voz” is voice.

Also, it does not say “ourselves” anywhere, I don’t know where you’re getting that from. Nor does it say ”este triste carnaval” it says ”el triste carnaval”, so it’s not “this” carnival, it’s “the” carnival.

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You are entitled to your interpretation as am I. That is how i interpret it.

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Get a dictionary. Better yet, look at mine,


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According to jmah it was translated so you dont know if in fact the song means voz or vos or anything else. Again, this is MY interpretation and it makes sense to ME.

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@Johnny, what do you mean “according to jmah, it was translated…” He gave us the original. He asked us for the translation. All jmah said was that it was from a song Gotan Project.

Are you saying that what you “interpreted” was that whatever source he copied the lyrics from spelled them wrong?

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Buenas noches Gomela, tu eres la gran ganadora.

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@Johnny_Rambo: Language shifts and grows, but you can’t claim
that “vos” means “voice” when it simply doesn’t.
You can’t “interpret” language that individualistically.
I mean to say,
Voice can’t interfere guava too slopey.

I rest my case.

@la_chica: sigh.

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