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Wow! Did you see Fluther is the #1 site listed in's Q&A section?

Asked by robmandu (21316points) February 16th, 2009

Go look at

Flippin’ kewl!

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That’s the way we do.

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Well of course we’re number one.
Better than being a number two!

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@augustlan But we know we’re the shit!

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You know it!

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Two snaps up my fellow flutherers!

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@Jayne Well, we do talk about it a lot. ;)

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What is that site? And how do you get to the top of the list? How do you link to rss feeds listed there?

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Hurray for Fluther!
I’ve never heard of Alltop, so i don’t know exactly what that really says about Fluther. I did think it was amusing to see the 2012 question being asked on another site, though.

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OK, nevermind. I looked at it more deeply. They are very subjective in how they decide the order of the websites. If they like a site, or if they are friends, they go at the top, unless there is a site that has to go at the top for credibility’s sake.

It is a compilation of RSS feeds from blogs and sites all over the net. I wonder how many people they have reviewing all these sites. It seems like there are at least a thousand.

I have no idea who knows about alltop. I’m sure I’ll forget about it tomorrow. But hey, it’s nice for fluther.

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that’s what’s uppp

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It’s about darn time!

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No! Right on!!!

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Lets all give Fluther a big Applause!

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Congrats to all!!

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You guys are doing a great job!

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