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Does anyone know how to build a compost heap?

Asked by Salei (5points) October 10th, 2007
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This link has a pretty good explanation as to how to do so.

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Here’s the lazy way. Dig a large hole out of sight. Surround it w. chicken wire on three sides, or large stones.. Throw most vegetable and fruit scraps,egg shells, tea bags-w/o staples, coffee grounds,etc,into a bowl or bucket on counter. When container is full, throw in hole. From time to time, cover w. dead leaves, grass clippings, or dirt.

Turn occasionally w. a shovel. Let winter over. Corn cobs attrack deer as do animal products -no bones! That’s it. In the spring you have lovely stuff – I also get accidental tomatoes and canteloupes growing from my compost heap. I have been harvesting tomatoes that I didn’t plant.

And you will feel SO righteous.

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The best thing about compost heaps, is they are heaps ;)

Or: just throw all your plant/vegetable/fruit waste on a heap (you can throw pretty much anything on it)...and it’ll magically become compost. Of course you can make it as fancy as you want, with holes, fences, turning it with a shovel etc. but that isn’t necessary.

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Be sure to mix in enough dry matter (leaves, grass clippings, etc) or you get a stinky, buggy mess.

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There is a teeny amount of labour involved if you want a compost heap rather than a garbage dump. Garbage dump isn’t too bad as long as there are no animal wastes to attract dogs, raccoons, coy dogs, foxes, etc. Try both and see what happens by next spring. The one truth is that ten tons of heap turns into about 4 quarts of useable compost..

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