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Who would be in your celebrity family tree?

Asked by caly420 (546points) February 16th, 2009

So for one of my classes we got an assignment to create a bizarre family tree using celebrities (musicians, politicians, etc) for you grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, 2 girl cousins, brother, step brother and yourself.

Who would your celebrity family members be?

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John ____________ who came to the New World circa 1692. That’s pretty cool.

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Dad – Tom Hanks
Mom – Elisabeth Shue
Grandfather – The late George Burns
Grandmother – Doris Roberts
Aunt – Penelope Cruz
Uncle – Ben Stiller
2 girl cousins – Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne
Brother – Billie Joe Armstrong
Step Brother – Vince Vaughn

what a weird list… lol.. oh well, that’s just how crumbles are of cookie

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and who would play you miss mineralwater

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@caly420 tis Mr. and hmmm didn’t know i had to pick that one… let’s see…. probably Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.. woot!

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Mom: Rebecca Budig
Dad: Hugh Laurie
Grandmother: Ruby Dee
Grandfather: Fred Rogers
Aunt: Alicia Minshew
Uncle: Robert Sean Leonard
2 girl cousins: Ellen Page, Jennifer Morrison
Brother: Donnie Wahlberg
Step-Brother: Ethan Hawke

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I’ll skip making up a family. I really am related to Kate ‘Ma’ Barker though.

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Mom: Meryl Streep
Dad: Clint Eastwood
Grandmother: Angela Lansbury
Grandfather: Gregory Peck
Aunt: Teri Hatcher
Uncle: Tom Hanks
Brother: River Phoenix
Step-Brother: Charlie Sheen
2 Girl Cousins: Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek

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I don’t have the whole family but my parents would definitely be Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. My grandparents would be Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.

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The Vaughan brothers.

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RLStevenson (writer)

I can’t imagine who else might have been in that tree, since I know most of it for several generations back to the 18th c, and there’s no really famous names in there (though there were some locally famous nobles and stuff). My great-grandfather was famous in his day, and some older people still know our family by his nickname. And my great-great-great-great-grandfather once killed a big snake and was declared a local hero. (true story lol)

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Grandfather- Johnny Carson
Grandmother- Joan Rivers
Mom- Goldie Hawn
Dad- Bill Gates
Aunt- Charo
Uncle- Bill Clinton
2 girl cousins- Jennifer Aniston and Winona Ryder
Brother- Ben Stiller
Step brother- Jack Black
Myself- Drew Barrymore

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@Bluefreedom I love your grandmother, ha.

I have no casting list of my family in my head, but our 8 year old granddaughter is the biggest drama queen I’ve ever seen! And I don’t know where she gets it. Our daughter & SIL aren’t like that. Everything with her is such a big deal. She needs to go into acting!!

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I’m changing my step-brother to Davey Havok. :P

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Well, the 90’s is my wife…

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