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Cross-country move by freight?

Asked by ajl (27points) February 16th, 2009

moving from NY to CA. i want to ship things as cheaply as possible (slow is fine). Have you heard you can do this by freight. Anyone have a recommendation how to do this?

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Ask a hobo.

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Call your nearest ABF freight terminal. They will drop a container off and pick it up when loaded. They will also quote you a price. Good luck.

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I misread your question. I thought you wanted to ship yourself as frieght.

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My girlfriend used ABF (a freight company) to ship about 1,100 pounds of stuff about a thousand miles back in 2004. That particular service included them picking up the stuff and putting it on pallets, and then dropping it off. It was ~ $1700 and it took them a couple of weeks to deliver the stuff. The current U-Pack service requires you to pack a storage container or part of a trailer. I would say we’d use ABF again if we had a small amount of stuff.

For comparison, to move her and my stuff back (3,500 pounds? don’t recall precisely) with a full service mover, it was $5,600 in 2007 including packing services, and that took about the same amount of time. Full-service movers are expensive and can be difficult to work with; we used one because my (new) employer was willing to pay for it and had pre-negotiated arrangements with different companies.

If you haven’t yet been, visit Moving Scam. They are very helpful.

Good luck and safe travels.

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Thanks. I’ve heard about ABF but am hoping to find something less expensive. As I am not moving furniture, just boxes of books, clothes, etc. I’ve heard it’s possible to send a pallet of stuff w/ a moving company and have them send it when they have free space. Just don’t know what companies might do this.

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