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Where/how can I learn to style my hair like a 1940's/1950's pinup?

Asked by transplant (7points) October 11th, 2007

I have been eyeing off these gorgeous hairstyles for quite some time and would love to wear them regularly. However I don’t know where to begin! My hair is shoulder length and slightly layered.

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I grew up then and you need fine hair, a curling iron and a million bobby pins for 40s do. The fifties required that you sleep on really uncomfortable rollers or pin curls held in place by crossed (X) bobby pins. Check out pictures of Betty Grable, Veronica Lake and early Judy Garland to see different hair styles. All designed to torture hair and scalp.

And don’t forget the methods to turn hair platinum, the finger waves (Carol Lombard) and the early perms….

And if you want to graduate to the 60’‘s, you iron your hair and sleep on rollers made of empty frozen orange juice cans.

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google “betty grable hair do.”

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Women also used rats (stuffed sausage rolls of fabric) to curl hair around. Like the things you put under doors to keep drafts out but shorter.

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youtube it! you’ll get good tutorials, and you can pause it, rewind it, and usually contact the person who made the video if you need help.
pursebuzz makes some awesome videos for a variety of hairstyles, and if i remember correctly, she’s got some nice 40s/50s hairstyle tutorials there.

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