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What are some of the weird things that make you laugh?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12923points) February 16th, 2009

When I have to do regular maintenance in the two glass aquariums where my Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches live, sometimes I have to push them out of the way or pick them up to get the job done. They don’t like being touched so they hiss. The hiss is a defense mechanism, but every time they do it, it makes me laugh. What are some really odd things that give you the giggles?

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The talking muffin joke makes me snicker every time. I don’t know why because it’s so lame, but it always makes me chuckle.

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Diarreah. cha cha cha

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children getting hurt cracks me up! ever seen a kid fall off a bike? good stuff.

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strippers on their hands and knees picking up dollar bills

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hahaha that is creepy but funny!!

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Omfg you are so in for a bashing when the feminist brigade wakes up lol!

and me too now

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@madcapper I saw a little kid run full speed into a big glass window today head first, I giggled

@BONZO Have you ever tried throwing Monopoly money out? That is even funnier.

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@TaoSan Hey, last I checked I was a girl.

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Take a coin and superglue it to the sidewalk and enjoy.

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What made me and my friends laugh in high school, and it’s not really funny as a grown-up I guess, is we used to drive downtown really slowly past the prostitutes and pitch pennies and nickels at their feet. Some of their reactions were priceless. I guess this would be a weird thing now but it was humorous then.

Looking back after all these years, I think I’m somewhat ashamed for doing this although I’m not completely sure.

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We were broke one month and took a whole jar of coins to a busy supermarket and bought groceries, the cashiers face was priceless. Thar was funny and weird.

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When I’m driving and someone coming the opposite direction is picking their nose hard core.

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watching others sleep in a boring class, meeting etc.

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Someone had to say it

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The antics of grandchildren 

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1. People getting hurt.
2. Stupid people. (sometimes myself)
3. Cats wearing plastic cones after going to the vet.
4. Animals who chase laser pointers.

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Being a girl alone doesn’t qualify you to be in the “feminist brigade” ;)

Oh, and for the OQ, nothing beats a skater breaking a few bones and rupturing some organs on a handrail or some stairs MUAHAHAHA

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@BONZO What’s funnier? The fact that strippers are on their hands and knees picking up dollar bills or the fact that guys are stupid enough to throw their money away just because there’s a naked chick in front of him?

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Priceless :) I was waiting for it, didn’t want to write it, being a man ‘n all :)

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@Bluefreedomwe used to pitch pennies at prostitutes back in my teen days as well. if you’ve never done it you can’t understand by mere explanation.

As for the question, self righteous indignation is hilarious.

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@Blondesjon. What a relief. Someone who understands. I thought I was the only one here who ever did that.

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