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Why am I finding the delights of Fluther rather than doing my job that im being paid to sit here and do?

Asked by TheFonz_is (367points) February 17th, 2009
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I don’t know, but if you find out, let me know too.

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It’s normal. You’re not expected not to breathe while working, right? They can’t keep you from swallowing or going to the bathroom while you work, right? Same deal. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly…

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Cus your cool.

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I only Fluther at home because my employer keeps track of all Internet time, and any violation can result in immediate termination. I signed the agreement, I have to abide by it. Consider yourself lucky you can do it at work.

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We have you in our tentacles now.

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Fluther just kinda sucks you in that way too, huh?

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Work is called “work” because you generally don’t enjoy it a lot. When hobbies become work, they sometimes cease to be fun. If you were paid to moderate and post here, you’d probably start finding it tiresome at times.

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Get used to it… I do both daily!! I don’t fluther from home at all any more. I do it exclusively from work. It helps me get through the day much easier.

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I wont tell Mr. Fonzarelli.

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goog good john :)

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me too… only i’m not being paid…so i don’t feel guilty in that sense…only in the sense that i might get behind on my studying eek…. lynne crawls away to go study:-(

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I don’t know…this is definitely more fun lol

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