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Have you ever tried for fame or fortune? How? What happened?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) February 17th, 2009

I’d like to hear stories about what your idea was about how you would get fame or fortune; how you attempted to make that idea a reality, and what happened as a result of your work.

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Only in my department at work. So far I’m doing ok!!

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I plan to attempt the fortune thing. If all goes well I’ll be sure to report back to you.

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I’m still hoping I’ll be discovered!

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I had this idea that I’d go to Las Vegas to find my fortune. I made it happen by driving myself there and visiting several casinos and then participating in different card games and using money stealing devices called one-armed bandits.

As a result of my foolish exploits, I drove back home much poorer than when I left and I was hit by the realization that there are probably more intelligent and profitable ways to make your fortune. This is a true story too.

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I never wanted either. I think they’d be far too much trouble to strive for and would turn out to be something very different from what you thought you’d be getting.

Fame would be a thoroughgoing pain. Fortune wouldn’t be so bad, but I have never been willing to do what I’d have to do to get it. And then I wouldn’t want to be owned by my money, either. Taking care of a fortune is a serious business and not consistent with my idea of freedom.

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I’m writing richardhenry’s biography. It’s an interesting story, but I dunno how it’ll sell.

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Yeah? Well as Grisson so eloquently put it, I’m ghost-writing richardhenry’s poshumous autobiography.

does that mean I’m dead, too?

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I did fame first and it was crap. Then I tried fortune and it was much better. It’s fine if you have both I guess. But neither is all it’s cracked up to be.

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I auditioned for the X Factor in UK, Manchester. It was a hideous experience and will not be attempting it again. It opened my eyes to what TV was all about and I thank the Lord I didn’t get through because i would never have survived.

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I act like myself. All the time. I do not want to be too famous, personally, but want to be known for doing something. Now tell me how that is possible.

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In order to be known for doing something, you have to do something. And it has to be a passion for the something, and not a passion for being known, that drives you.

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to those of you who said that you’ve tried either the “fame” or “fortune” path, and it was not like what you think, even it’s more of a pain and craps, as a passionate and aspiring musician/songwriter myself that admittedly sometimes dreaming of that eluding factors, I really want to know exactly why you think like that, and would really very much appreciate if you could share your own personal experience with trying either that eluding path.
and should I better NOT to ever try to obsess or even chasing that two routes? and just “be true to Myself” and my artworks? What is your conclusive advice on this?
thank you!

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@niki You should ask that as a separate question on its own. I think you’ll get many more answers that way.

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@wundayatta thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will do that now :)

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