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Hypocrites of the Sea??

Asked by zeldaah (26points) October 11th, 2007

I was just in a seafood restaurant in Italy, where English translations were provided on the menu. One dish was translated as “hypocrites of the sea,” no joke. What could this have possibly meant? I tried to remember the Italian word so I could look it up on Babelfish, but I forgot it.

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Hi, Came on your question through googling – I’ve been puzzling on this one too. In the guidebook to Ischia ‘translation’ into English they mention a local speciality ‘linguine to the fruits of the sea’ containing mussels, clams, sea hypocrites and lupines. Googling leads to a lot of apocalyptic hot air. Common ingredients of seafood linguine include prawns (or shrimp) and squid. I thought they might do a local take on it with sea urchins, but that would surely be dangerous. I guess I’ll just have to go back to Ischia and seek out this dish with its wolf-like and ethically questionable ingredients!

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