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What would be the title for your autobiography?

Asked by Aethelwine (42953points) February 17th, 2009 from iPhone

Mine would read:

“I love pancakes!” by jonsblond.

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“The Autobiography of Grisson”

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“Three beers makes you funny, 20 turns you into an asshole.”

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Send in the Clowns

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“The Rise and Further Rise of Thomas ________”

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Banging my Head Against a Wall
My life in academia
By Les
With a Foreward by Edward Albee

For those unfamiliar with Albee, here. Theatre of the Absurd

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Survival is Possible

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I would quote Dashboard Confessional “Bend and Not Break”

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Oh yes I did!

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Becoming the Stone in the Creek.

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Fredo Style: The Life and Times of eponymoushipster

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Where do we go from here?
Memories of a Compulsive Roamer

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The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Girl.

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Thought You Sucked At Life? Read Me.

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I’m Not Dead Yet !

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Walking Emphasis, Tripping Over Words.

I’ve had the title planned out for years now.

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“The only mark I ever made in my life was the one in my underwear. The mundane existence of me.”

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“Strive for the one you hate”

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“Life is just a series of bad decisions”


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…And Why Not?

re: This is Spinal Tap

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The most pointless autobiography ever, written under duress, not to mention a danger to pets.

ok, maybe not, but I have remain true to my self-derogatory habits. How about, “Honestly, I don’t know what to call my life.”

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Another one:

My mother was a fortune teller: I ended up with three kids just like me.


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The Late Bloomer

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“I don’t get the joke!” by loser.

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A View From Under the Bus
which is actually the title of my blog…

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Chapter 1

Length = minimum 2000 pages

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If I weren’t to live another day.
Kidding, haha. No one would care to write one about me.

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That’s it! Goodbye

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@90s_kid Psst. Your autobiography can only be written by you. A biography would be written by someone else.

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@augustlan Perhaps a posthumous autobiography. That would be the ultimate ghost writer.

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How I Made My First Billion . I am an optimist.

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@Grisson: too funny! That’s a classic!

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Oops! I thought he said biography!

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@90s_kidshe asked

i’m the eyeball, she’s the snowman…goo goo ga joob

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@Blondesjon ; 90’s kid is to young to get the Beatles reference

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The Way You Look Tonight.

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@Judi: my daughter is 12, and she would have gotten it. She loves the Beatles.

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Meanwhile, Far Away…

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“this door should remain shut when not in use”

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@Judi,...Perhaps but he’s not to young to use Google.

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So it’s goo goo ga joob?” lmfao… I always thought it was coo coo ca choo.
Great, thanks a lot Bloodhound Gang. Screwed me again.

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@sakata…Perhaps you and the kid could visit Google together?

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I was thinking about buying some Google stock but the market’s shit right now. It appears that the kid could buy some too (according to the e*trade commercials.)

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What is the point of this? Can you not just tell me? It was refered to me, and there are various reasons whyyou should just tell me flat out rather than giving me the trouble of Googling it. Frankly, I don’t care too much to Google it anyway.

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@90s_kid…Too much to type. It isn’t an insult or anything.

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Or is it? Ya just never know.

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She’s trying to cover it up
or is it he?? I am too confused

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Point established

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Riding Shotgun With Evelyn, The Story of My Life.

As for the Beatles reference, those crazy Brits, always mucking about with the English language.

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The Girl Who Gave Away the Farm

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From Zero to Hero and back again.

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“On to Another Grand Adventure!”

Strauss's avatar

Or maybe “On to Yet Another Grand Adventure!”

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“Burning man; the man who was burned so many times buy so many people.”

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How many people have you bought, Hypo?

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If I didn’t toss a muffin with a misplaced word you prolly would have nothing to do. ;-)

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