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I like, ok, love, cartoons. What do you think about the current state of animation on TV and film?

Asked by TenaciousDenny (1149points) February 17th, 2009

Ok, I don’t know exactly where I am going with this question, but I saw Coraline this weekend and the animation was incredible. It was in 3D too, and the best 3D I’ve ever seen. I recommend this movie just for the visuals alone. But anyways, I am a big cartoon guy (Futurama, Family Guy, Simpsons, Spongebob, South Park, to name a few). Not to mention all of the incredible movie Pixar has put out, as well as the other movie studios who are quickly catching up with Pixar. I guess I enjoy the fact that in cartoons, they can create pretty much anything. A movie full of talking animals/robots/monsters? No problem if it’s animated. Aaanywho, maybe it’s time for me to get out of my little fantasy world and grow up? Nahhh.

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I agree, I think animation is in a golden age right now. There’s some amazing stuff coming out. From the computer created Pixar stuff to the hand crafted Wallace and Grommit films. But I think the key item is that the writing is so fantastic, all of these films and series would be nothing without the fantastic scripts.

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OMG. Did you see the trailer for 9? It looked amazing. I’m so, so excited! Of course, it helped that they had Coheed and Cambria for the music. Seriously, Welcome Home is one of the best songs ever and it just enhanced that trailer so much. I cannot WAIT to see that movie.

I love cartoons as well. I was super impressed with Coraline (but I already loved the story). I thought the 3D elements were just amazing. There was so much attention to detail! The Other Mother’s living room, for example, always had a foreground and background when Coraline climbed into it. Always. Just stunning.

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Have you read To Infinity and Beyond? It details the history of Pixar, from the very founding – years ago, when they were doing hardware, up til Cars (i believe). It’s a MASSIVE book. Very cool though to see how the characters developed, as well as the heart and effort the pixar folks put into those movies. Some of it is outlined on the Pixar Shorts DVD, but it’s still a great read if you love animation.

amazon (as of this writing) has a 37% sale on for it. check it out here:

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I’m certainly a fan, some stuff really blows me away. I’m looking forward to seeing Coraline this weekend :D

I say you’re never too old for cartoons! ;)

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@EmpressPixie First of all, I LOVE Welcome Home. That game was on Rock Band (video games AND cartoons. yes, i’m a dork), and my roommates and I rocked it out many times.

I haven’t seen the trailer for 9, but I’ll look into it.

@eponymoushipster I’ll definitely check out that Pixar book. It sounds pretty interesting.

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@TenaciousDenny: Um, we’re still rocking out to it on Rock Band. (I spent this weekend farming achievements on Rock Band 2. It was totally nerdy, but also kind of awesome.)

9 Trailer

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@EmpressPixie Oh, we still rock it out, but the song collection is getting rather large now so I have to spread my rocking out amongst the playlist a little bit. And farming achievements is TOTALLY nerdy, ha. What system do you have it for?

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@EmpressPixie that looks awesome!!!!!!

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I really like the style of this one to.

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I like it very much. I’m not a huge fan of the animation style in general, but it works well and that song is super catchy. But damn, now I want a coffee.

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Honestly, I personally dislike 3D animation. I think it’s overdone and oftentimes unnecessary. I hate how all the new animated movies coming out are done in 3D. There is a time and a place for it. Like Wall-E was very well done. But 2D animation is good too and most of the time it’s more appropriate IMO. For example, thinking of the Lion King or Mulan done in 3D make me cringe.

Anyway, I don’t think cartoons are just for children. There are many out there that are actually targeted towards adults. Obviously stuff like Family Guy and Futurama, but also things like Animatrix. If you’re interested there is a lot of good Japanese animation such as Monster that is aimed for adults. Monster is one of my personally favorites. Ones that get more recognition here that are good – Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. These are all more serious though, but they’re very entertaining.

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Hey classyfied, welcome to fluther. NOW TAKE YOUR COMMIE ANTI 3D ATTITUDE OUTTA HERE!!!!..... just kidding. I totally agree with what your saying. You need to consider what is best when making it.

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I agree to some extent—I think something like Coraline (or The Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride) is different from something like Mulan. I mean, the third dimension existed when they were filming it, you know? And the 3D is amazing on it.

But at the same time, I really wouldn’t want to see something that was all computer or drawn animation in 3D. If the third dimension never really existed, I don’ t care to see it created.

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Mulan did have 3d in it. So did the great mouse detective, Oliver, Atlantis, tarzan and others.

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