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What have you done in the bathroom (besides the obvious)?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) February 17th, 2009

Seems to me that a lot goes on in bathrooms that no one ever talks about. I remember the story I heard once about someone who dropped acid in the bathroom, and never left the place, because she couldn’t find the door (I think it was the wallpaper). Bathrooms seem to be pretty notorious at parties—the only place you can have some kind of privacy. Anyway, I’m sure, in this crowd, there must be all kinds of things I can’t even imagine. Do tell. In as vivid details as you can manage.

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Well, recently, reattach the end of my thumb.

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Read magazines??

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@daloon, you are entirely TOO curious for your own good! ;-)

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I plead the fifth!
But in High School some of my friends and I went to Cedar Point after Prom. Two of the guys thought it would be a great idea to eat Mushrooms. They both went to the bathroom and the rest of us got our food. They were in there for an hour and half laughing at eachother and staring at the wall paper laughing then Some how a bird got stuck in the bathroom and they both came out running and screaming it was hilarious.

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I once caught my 6 year old brother eating an ice cream sandwich while on the can. So I turned the light out on him and closed the door.

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I used to judge bathrooms on how good they are to do cocaine in. The top little ledge on the child changing table in the handicap stall was a favorite at the bar I worked at.

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I’ve had a lot of sex in bathrooms. Generally when someone else is nearby enough that it’s the only private area. And almost always on the counter or the sink.

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@Emdean1: This is no court of law. Not even close. So give!

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I’ve slept on the floor of the bathroom while drunk. Cold tiles feel good!!

Also, screen printing photo emulsion, because there was no window and I needed some place dark.

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i once got trapped in the bathroom of my friend’s RV for 3 days. I survived on toilet water and hand soap.

the memory haunts me.

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@eponymoushipster lol dude I hope that is for real.

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I’ve read a ton of books in the bathroom over the years. When I feel really sick, and am worried about vomiting, I’ll take a book into the room, shut the door, and sit on the floor opposite from the toilet. Then I read and wait.

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I’m Fluthering in the bathroom right this minute.

Many comic books have been read in the bathroom also.

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I’ve had emotional breakdowns in the bathroom. I’ve given head in the bathroom. I’ve had sex in the bathroom. I’ve had emotional, heart to hearts in the bathroom. I’ve puked in the bathroom. I’ve gotten cuts I’ve had to get stitches for in the bathroom. I’ve eaten in the bathroom.

The bathroom and I, we bffz.

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@cprevite: I squat and surf all the time.

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In college, mine doubled as a darkroom. That was when you used “chemicals” to “develop” “film” and you “printed” using an “enlarger”.
You can find the definitions at

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I write stuff on the walls.

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D. all of the Above!

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I’ve painted the ceiling and put tiles on the walls. Is that the kind of thing you want to know?

(I guess not!)

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I once locked eponymoushipster in the bathroom of his friend’s RV. Last I heard he was a little wild eyed when he got out but his breath smelled like lavender…

I also like to sneak into the bathroom while someone is taking a shower. I bring a giant glass if ice water with me and a shitload of malicious intent.

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im guilty of writing…“i wouldnt if i were you” on the doors of all the stalls.

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I campaigned for the short lived Stephen Colbert presidential bid. (actually, I just wrote “vote Colber” on pencil in the corner, but still)

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I used toilet paper in a stall as an advertisement for the game, but I think that’s the most out of the ordinary.

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If the internet were to die bathroom stall walls could be used as the new fluther. You could post questions and have people respond, you could also paint over them periodically, and the moderators could do what needed to be done.

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I smoked my first cigarette in the bathroom in junior high. I didn’t smoke until four years later. Now I only smoke when I’ve been drinking and my other friends are going outside for a cigarette.
I made out with a boy in the teacher’s bathroom in high school. I was a TA and said I was going to make some copies in the office. He wasn’t my boyfriend, but a guy I was attracted to went to another school. I met him on our campus and we locked ourselves in the teacher’s bathroom (they always seem to be nicer and just one big room instead of the less private stalls). When I came back without the copies, I told the teacher that I got distracted. He was my favorite teacher and really cool, he didn’t question me further.

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lots of cocaine

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I designed my garage, landscaping, and upcoming family/game room add-on in the bathroom. I almost died choking on a Jolly Rancher (watermelon flavor) in the bathroom. I escaped from a bad, bad girlfriend through a bathroom window. When I was much younger, I stuck a plunger to the bathroom mirror and shattered it trying to get it off.
Ah, memories.

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I assume that eventually someone will develop an wireless internet-ready toilet paper holder with LCD screen and touch pad.

Maybe it could even have a pull-out mirror for doing coke, and built-in camera to capture those sex moments and stream them right to the net!

Don’t get any idea you all, I just submitted a patent…

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Lost my virginity in a bathroom. But I already wrote about that on the “worst sex” question.

Also: dyed yarn, washed and dried laundry, puked, read, knit, bathed, ate dinner in the bath, dyed my hair, and maybe even cleaned (I used to be a janitor).

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shower together and then sex or sex then shower together

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I shave my cats in the bathroom….

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@amanderveen a lot of girls do that.

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@eponymoushipster – Other girls shave their kitty cats in the bathroom? Who woulda thunk it? I didn’t think that many gals shaved their pussies….

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Probably the weirdest thing I do in the bathroom is write. Lists, stories, whatever. When all five of us are in the house, I also go there when I need a moment of alone time…it’s a small house.

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Sat with my best female friend during a party full of people neither of us liked.

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@amanderveen not enough, for sure.

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@eponymoushipster: too many, if you ask me. degustibus non disputatem est

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@daloon jungle trooper are we? i’m more of a desert fox myself.

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apart from sex (with or without a partner) and the uses it was meant for, not much else. The only “improper” uses I can remember are falling asleep in the bathtub and reading the odd book.

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Most recently I’ve hid from my family in the bathroom. It’s the only quiet place in the house where I won’t be bothered.

While pregnant, I slept on the bathroom floor.

In a hotel, as a kid, I slept in the tub because my father was snoring too loud.

As a teen, I made out with many boys in the bathroom.

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@dragonflyfaith: why the floor when you were pregnant?

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@daloon Severe morning sickness. It was so easy to just lay my head down on the nice cool tile and sleep between the bouts of nausea. My husband couldn’t roll over with out me making a dash. The tile and I became fast friends.

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